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ZEE5 & HBO Max July Releases

Zee5 Originals


 Yet another Yogi Babu starrer trailer. Yet another Ajith/Vijay references. The Anna Selai comedy, reminds us of Soori. Have seen better versions of Kailasa memes and it’s just yet another here. The unique aspect is, it’s getting released in Zee5.

Virgin Bhanupriya:

Virginity is not dignity, it’s just lack of opportunity”.  

Virgin Bhanupriya is a Zee5 exclusive Hindi comedy movie starring Urvashi Rautela, Gautam Gulati, Archana Puran Singh, Delnaaz Irani, Rajiv Gupta, and Brijendra Kala. A conservative girl decides to lose her virginity but fails in all her attempts. When a fortune-teller further predicts that she will always remain a virgin, she resolves to overcome the bad luck. Seems like a perfect blend of adult jokes and adult scenes to entertain the Virgin fraternity


Mafia, a Zee5 Original thriller series. Six college friends reunite after 5 years for a bachelorette party in the jungles of Madhupur, where their horrifying past comes back to haunt them. They play the game Mafia,which is portrayed as horrifying. It’s an adult only watch for the intimate scenes involved.Seems to have a perfect blend of thrilling, intimate and emotional sequences.

Best friends or sworn enemies, who’ll survive?

                                                                  HBO Max Originals

Close Enough:

From JG Quintel, creator of the Emmy Award-winning Regular Show comes Close Enough, a surreal animated comedy about a married couple, their five-year-old daughter, and their two divorced roommates all living together in LA. They’re navigating that transitional time in your 30s when life is about growing up, but not growing old. It’s about juggling work, kids, and pursuing your dreams, while also avoiding stripper clowns and murderous mannequins. Their life may not be ideal but for now, it's close enough.

Stockton On My Mind:

At age 26, on the same day Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Michael Tubbs became the first African American mayor of his beleaguered hometown of Stockton, California, as well as the youngest mayor of a major American city. Stockton On My Mind, from filmmaker Marc Levin follows Tubbs’ personal and political journey, exploring how growing up amid poverty and violence shaped his vision for innovative change. This is a must-watch for July, so make sure you check it out!

Expecting Amy:

Expecting Amy is an unfiltered three-part documentary that shows the struggle, strength and ambition that has made Amy Schumer one of the singular comic voices of all time. It takes viewers behind-the-scenes as Schumer battles through an extraordinarily difficult pregnancy while documenting the formation of a comedy special. This is definitely a must-see for all of the Schumer fans out there!

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