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You season 2 Review. After a great season did it met the expectations?

Read this review only if you have watched season 1. There will be several spoilers of season 1. Don’t regret after reading this.

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This season starts where the season 1 ended. On seeing the dead Candance( Ambyr Childers) alive Joe was perplexed. Candance asks Joe to meet in a coffee shop she describes how she’s going to turn him to the police. Joe got afraid and escapes from Candance and reaches Los Angels.

He changes his name to Will Bettelhiam. He gets a job in a store called Anavrin( Semordnilap of word Nirvana) and falls in love with a girl named Love(Victoria Pedettri). Who’s the owner of the store. She has a traumatic past life. He soothes her comforts her and sweeps her off feet easily. In a smooth love story, there must be some twists, right? Candance again enters into Joe life this time she comes as the lover of Forty Quinn (James Scully) love’s Brother.

So Candance tries to rip the fake face of Joe to all of them. She even tells the story Beck how she died and how joe is responsible for that incident. That fails but it creates some doubts in the mind of Love and Forty so they try to find the real story behind Will Bethlehem. On the other side as like season 1, Joe tries to help his neighbour Delilah (Carmella Zumbado) to prove her Sex assaulter and Saving her Sister Ellie like a Father figure.

Even Delilah tries to find the past of Joe and she tries some sherlock stuff and ends up in the cage. Candance tries to manipulate Joe every time she gets a chance. On the other side, Love has traffic family issues and joe tries to comfort her. Love also tries to catch Joe/Will Off guard.

There are some unexpected mindboggling twists which I didn’t wanna quote or spill out.

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As usual Penn Badgely did a stunning job in playing Joe Goldberg/ Will Bethlem. This season we could catch some of Joe’s childhood how he has been charged in the event of time. The female characters are so cute and strong. Victoria Pedretti had given life to the character love. Love a woman with some emotional flaws with a hidden cunning nature. This is one of the best characters of the season.

The creators have done a great job in placing good twists in the story. The had done good work in developing the character arc for most of all the characters. Especially the character of Ellie and Delilah was so good. The cinematography is so good that they captured all the emotion perfectly. The Background score is amazing.

Verdict: A must watch Romatcic thriller in recent time.

Platform: Netflix

Bingeopedia rating: 3.5 / 5

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