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You Season-1 Review. A social media stalking love story

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

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You is a social media stalking romance series produced and streamed.first in a lifetime. This series is based on the novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes.

Netflix has a keen eye for such kind of series and they immediately acquired the streaming rights for the series. And the series did not disappoint Netflix and turned out to be a great hit after available on Netflix.

The story is about a bookstore Manager Joe Goldberg(Penn Badgely) how he stalks a writer Guinevere Beck (Elizebath lail) via social media and other means. How did he sweep her off feet?

The story opens on a bookstore in Newyork where Joe works as Manager and Beck came to buy some book they began to chat a little. Joe gets impressed by beth and stalks her physical and Socially. Beck a student of NYU and has a subconscious thing that she needs to be noticed by others. Joe tries to get closer to Beck by stalking her but he fails because of her boyfriend. Joe wants to be the one who she should love not maybe a person. So, he has done everything to get her and at last, won her heart.

Beck has a small circle of friends who she shares all the things. Even she shares all the intimate moments of Joe with them.

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Her friends are not sure about joe and Joe sees all the conversation and tries to impress all of them. In the gang, Peach is not impressed and she has a hunch that Joe is doing something wrong. Joe try to attack Peach as well. Joe turns slowly into a Psychopath who wants Beck in his life. In a party, Beck gets to know that Joe has a past lover named Candace and she’s moved on with him. She tries to make Joe drop his guard to get more information about Candance. But there’s no luck. Something went haywire in the penultimate episode all the things turn upside down. The viewers would be awestruck in the final 2 episodes their pulse would be high. We would get a lot of questions in these episodes.

The final frame is in the same bookshop where some walks towards joe he was completely flabbergasted in seeing them. The season ends there with a great cliffhanger.

This series plot seems to be simple but the creators have added many layers to each character which keeps on revelling in every episode. Especially the character of Joe Goldberg we couldn’t imagine what he’s thinking and what he’s capable of doing. Joe’s character is one of the finest character arc development you could see in a romantic thriller. The characterisation of Beck is really sweet that you would fall in love with her. Don’t worry Joe won’t stalk you. These series depict how social media stalking is being made and how we must be aware of the things.

I don’t want to give more details about the series it’s one of the binge-worthy romantic drama. You won’t regret watching this. You won’t stop with a single episode.

Verdict: A good love story in the point of view of a psychopath. Good series for Binge Watch.

Content rating: 18+

Available on: Netflix. Bingeopedia rating: 3 /5

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