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Witcher review - Dark fairy tales

In the video game world, the witcher is a well known name. In fact the the third part of the witcher series "the wild hunt" is regularly in the discussion for one of the top open world video games of all time. So, when Netflix announced they were bringing in a live action adaptation of Andrej sapkowski's acclaimed novels to life, everyone was intrigued. And when Henry Cavill (the superman dude) was portrayed as the titular monster slayer, the excitement was tenfold. Does the series do justification to all that hype.

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I would say it does. In this universe, witchers are specially trained, swords for hire mercenaries who hunt monsters and other supernatural forces. They are picked in their young age and are enhanced physically with some other bells and whistles. But there is a catch, they lose their emotions. So they are kept at arm's length by the society. Our hero is one such a witcher who is quite famous by the name white wolf due to his silver hair. Then there is a magicians council who monitor the nation's and aid in their governance. Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) is one such witch, who has an interesting backstory and she acts as the primary love interest for our white wolf. The scenes they both come together whether to kill each other or kiss each other has sparks flying out of the TV.

The story follows a non linear narrative with a sometime confusing timeline. We are never sure of the time where the story is currently in due tk the complex narrative structure. It could have been avoided. Each episode follows one story from the witchers life, and a overarching plotline where two of the most powerful countries in the continent are at war and the princess of one country is missing. The princess Ciri played by Freya Allan, is portrayed as an intriguing character. What relation does she have with white wolf and what is his part in this whole story is the rest of season ones story. The story is filled with complex characters and their motives are all well established. The dialogues are crisp and pretty thought provoking. The set-pieces are well executed and fights are well choreographed. Cinematography is breathtaking and music is fleshing out the whole story. But the cgi leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Especially that thing that was supposed to be a dragon. I guess not all tv shows have game of thrones budget. But still, witcher could have done a lot better on that dept.

There is a high possibility that you don't understand what is happening by third episode, but you will have a satisfactory feel if you manage to last till finale.

The structure could have been a bit less confusing and timelines explained a bit more crisply.

We expect the second season to be awesome. This season kind of acted as a lengthy pilot episode.

Watch it for a visually and narratively grandeur experience, with a nice story. But the story is going to be a lot more entertaining in season 2.

Available in - Netflix

Content warning - gore, nudity, blood and violence, monsters.

Bingeopedia rating - 3.5

Verdict- Go for it to experience good storytelling

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