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Why the Synder cut topic is trending and why everyone sharing the poster of the movie? Let’s See

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Image credit HBOmax and Warner Bro's

There’s a saying in English “Hard work and determination will definitely Payoff” DC fans proved the saying just a few days back. Yeah after a vigorous social media campaign, several types of movements on all the comic cons and a long wait for nearly three years. I’m writing this with tears rolling in my eyes. We all are gonna witness the so-called mythical Synder cut which most people claimed didn’t exist. This news was released during the Zack Synder’s “Man of steel” watch party in the presences of henry cavil and some fans. The whole DC fandom is screaming in Joy. We all can’t wait till 2021

Is Synder the greetest director DC has got?

Even though his Man of stell fails to impress critics it certainly, impressed the audience and it builds a great image about him. He’s one of the greatest who has a cosmic vision of the characters. A futuristic person who will give foundation to the character superbly and will develop their arc beautifully.The person who choose all the leads. Originally he planned for the trilogy and filmed many sequences which will be a pillar for the next part. He wanted to made the movie into a 4hr director cut version. But what we witnessed in the theatre in 2017 is a butchered part of the film.

Why the justice league got butchered?

After Synder steps down from the film during the post-production due to the loss of his daughter. Warner Bro’s appoints Avengers director Joss Whedon he changed the entire colour of the film and made several reshoots. The audience was disappointed in not getting what they wanted. They have destroyed more than 90 min long footage which Synder directed. After knowing the facts and politics behind this the fans rallied in social media and also on the comic cons fest demanding to release the Synder’s cut. They even fly larger balloons around Warner Bro’s office.

What’s the final call and what you can all expect?

The production house has agreed to release the director version. But still, talks are going on whether to release as 4hr director cut or a 6 episode series. And they are ready to spend 20-30 million for this version. This is because of some VFX and actors needs to dub and we a

re expecting some reshoots. We can expect a decent backstory for flash and cyborg. As in the extended trailer, we saw Iris west character. The extended Superman screentime even on the Black Suit. Which was promised way back in 2017? And especially we can see a clean Superman without bad VFX of moustache removal. We can dream of long amazon battles with the involvement of Green Lantern. My dream is to see Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl in the fight sequence. Let this give some hop to the future movies of DCEU. As this would be a good foundation for all characters.

Image credit HBOmax and Warner Bro's

Let’s all wait till March 2021. Follow us for instant updates and theories.

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