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What Telugu movie to watch in Prime?Just try this one

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Credits: Amazon prime

MATHU VADALARA – A great treat for thriller genre lovers

Language: TELUGU

Cast : Sri simha,Athulya

Chandra, vennela Kishore,Bramanji,naresh agastya

One liner : Two delivery agents who earn meagre salaries follow unlawful methods to earn more. However, one guy ends up in killing a woman unfortunately, how will his friends save him?

Some times, thriller movies leave you unsatisfied or misses logic. Mathu vadalara is one different movie which will leave you in awe. This movie is about how greediness can land someone in big trouble? Babu , Yesu and Abhi share a room which they find even difficult to pay even the rent because of their low paid salaries. Babu adopts unlawful methods to earn bigger during the delivery of products which he teaches to staya. When Satya decides to follow the same, he ends up killing an old lady. Whether he will be able to hide the murder or succumb to it forms the crux of the story?

The plot of the movie is very well written by the director. The running time is about 135 mins. The first half an hour of the film concentrates more on comedy…The comedy is spot on and never goes out of the story. After some time the serious moments start-up

which keeps you glued to the seats. The story has more layers than we even try thinking of which we don’t disclose to avoid spoilers. The pre-climax reveals a completely unexpected twist. Mathu vadalara is natural and gives an idea of what might happen around you. The audience connecting themselves to the characters very easily is the biggest strength of the film. You will end up satisfied after watching the movie.

Verdict: A perfect mixture of comedy and mystery deserving your time. A big thumbs up

Available in – Amazon prime….. Can be watched with family

Bingeopedia rating: 3/5

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