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Watch the Ubisoft forward event live - And get Watch dogs 2 game for free

Ubisoft, the studio behind evergreen titles such as assassins creed, Prince of persia, watch dogs series, etc., is organizing its first online event this weekend. Titled Ubisoft forward, The expected announcements include a new footage for Assassin's creed- Valhalla, Watch dogs: legion, Ghost recon: Breakpoint and more. Also expected is gameplay live for Trackmania. The event, which is part of Geoff keighley's E3 alternative event named the summer games fest, which readers of bingeopedia already know about. The ubisoft event will be conducted online on July 12th 3 pm E.T. (which is 12-30 AM IST in the next day, July 13th).

Imagr credits: hypebeast

You are probably thinking, "what's the point of sacrificing sleep over a couple of trailers". But, hold your thought right there, because, ubisoft is giving it's hit game Watch dogs 2, which is a prequel to Watch dogs: legion to anybody who is watching the event live. All you have to do is log in to your uplay account (ubisoft account) and watch the event live in ubisoft website or from uplay.

There are also goodies that are given away from answering some live questions in the event. So, don't miss out on an awesome game, which is available entirely for free. Even if you don't have a uplay account, sign up now.

Watch dogs 2 is an action adventure third person game about a hacker, who joins a group of hackers to take down a city wide surveillance system. Sounds like a certain TV show right? (Mr. Robot, we are looking at you). The game was one of the best titles in Ubisoft's arsenal and is worth staying up in the late night for.

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