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Virgin Bhanupriya Review --Another failure in adult comedy Genre.

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Cast: Urvashi Rautela, Gautam Gulati, Rumana Molla, Rajiv Gupta, Archana Puran Singh, Brijendra Kala Director: Ajay Lohan

This movie is about a girl name Bhanupriya who’s still virgin in her college days. She’s so desperate in losing virginity, As her peers are lost virginity a long time ago. Bhanu is continuously pressured by her friend Rukul (Rumana Molla). Rukul a tomboyish girl who will have sex frequently with her many boyfriends. She helps Bhanu to date Rajiv (Sumith Gaulti) who is a good boy with no charisma and Bhanu doesn’t like him. So she finds a chiselled alpha male Shartiya' (Gautam Gulati). Shartiya is a carefree alpha male who has a friend group like every other hero in all Indian movies and will do anything for a bet. Like in most of the films the hero and heroine get into some misunderstanding. For Bhanu even in her family is not supportive as her parents are separated and they are self-obsessed they are not caring for her. So having a screwed up environment like this show she fights against these odds and loses her virginity is the whole story.

Having a one-liner like this the director could have played very well with the adult content like the American movies. But the film is more or like family drama that also not worked out well. The comedy through the movie didn’t work, The director placed some Hndutuv jokes so the audience will have a laugh but it didn’t give a little laugh. The characters are not developed well. Even Urvashi doesn’t feel like a suburban girl. She doesn’t give the feel of Girl next door. The entire film looks super artificial. It doesn’t engage us well. Especially the Hero friends gang is super annoying. The bet sequences are super absurd. There no reason why they are betting or there no sequence tells that hero is from a rich background. He is shown mostly on streets it feels he’s a homeless guy. The entire movie feels alien to us. There’s no proper backstory of any characters. Just by quoting some feministic dialogues isn’t enough. Some may fancy Rukul character. But she’s a rebel without a cause and common sense.

I can’t digest the sequence where Bhanu sees Shartiya he talks to her for 5-10min and they are going for a tour and the song sequence at that time. I don’t have any words to explain the disappoint I faced during watching the movie. I could have watched the flash Series intro bit a loop instead of watching this movie.

Verdict: Watch this at your own risk. If you just want to watch a flick no storyline just go for it.

Available in: Zee5

Content rating: 16+

Bingeopedia rating: 1 / 5

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