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Underrated tamil movies released after 2000-PART 1

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1. ANBE SIVAM :(2003)



Had Anbe sivam released now,it would be one of the highest grossing movies of all time and would’ve been remade in many languages. Anbe sivam is a movie which was far ahead of its time. Two different ideology persons start on a journey from bhuvaneswar to Chennai . Anbarasu is an ad film maker who has a normal thinking of making money somehow and settling good in life. Sivam is a communist bond who has overcome many scars in life. Many arguments are exchanged between them during the journey .The movie touches on to the concepts of COMMUNISM, ATHEISM,CAPITALISM,OVERCOMING INFERIORITIES in understandable terms. Tsunami,which was witnessed in India in 2004 was discussed in this movie which had its release in 2003. Even the judgement of people based on their looks was shown beautifully. The main negative of the movie is that a few people could find it hard to digest these concepts. Vidyasagar (music composer ) adds more intense to this epic movie. The movie is full of ideologies explained with an interesting screenplay. The climax portion will melt your heart and the impact will stay for a long long period. A movie of this kind can never be made again.

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CAST: yasmin ponnappa, ravi Krishna, guru somasundaram, Jackie shroff

Director : Thiagarajan Kumararaja

Aaranya kaandam is a Tamil language neo noir gangster movie directed by Thiagarajan kumararaja, with Jackie Shroff, ravi Krishnan and Yasmin Ponnappa in the lead roles. The movie is about the plans by an aging gangster to abduct a large stash of cocaine that belongs to his rival gangster and the cunning plots and backstabbings happening in the world of the leads. The screenplay here is terrific and the actors have given laudable performances. Each charater has their own motives and the reason behind their actions have been explored well. The scenes are realistic, with the cinematography adding a raw feel to the movie. The laudable music by Yuvan enhances every scene. A must watch movie for thriller fans.

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Content rating :18+




A movie that is gaining great attention now but should have been celebrated 10 years back is Aayirathil oruvan. Adventure movies in tamil are meager and that too executed perfectly can be counted .Aayirathil oruvan is one of the finest adventure action movie produced by tamil cinema.The story is about finding a lost chola tribe by a group of team including karthi,reemasen,andrea. The screenplay is not racy but still keeps you entertained for its unique scenes.Seven hurdles which the team has to undergo to reach the destination is interesting and something new to tamil cinema. G.V. Prakash does the music work which is actually one of the best albums of him till date. Background score is magical and connects well to the story. Art and the cinematography work is excellent and a small war portion is too good. A few questions remain unanswered in the movie is a great minus to a movie of this standard. The climax ends on a cliff hanger saying “PAYANAM THODARUM” making us wait for the sequel of this must watch MASTERPIECE


CONTENT RATING :18+(Strictly not for faint hearted)

4.Joker (2016)

Cast : Guru Somasundaram, Ramya Pandian

Director : Rajumurugan

Joker is a political satire film written and directed by Raju sundaram with Guru somasundaram and Ramya Pandian in the lead roles. The movie is about a social activist with a tragic past, and how the prevalent corruption and justice system in India has made him a laughing stock of the world. The movie is presented as a satire, but you will be left with a heavy heart due to the sheer amount of conflicting emotions conducted to you. There is a fine exploration of political themes like corruption, social injustice, powercentres and about euthanasia (which is a very underexplored concept in movies in general). However the movie handles it with aplomb. The cinematography and background score is on the point, while the actors have given meaty performances. A must watch for everyone.

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Content rating : 13+


CAST : Arun Vijay ,Mamta Mohandas, Rakul preet singh, Vamsi Krishna

Director : Magizh Thirumeni

A perfect thriller should keep you guessing till the end of the movie. Thadaiyara Thaakka does it perfectly .Magizh thirumeni’s second movie, Thadaiyara thaakka is completely raw and fast paced. Selva(Arun Vijay) runs a travel agency and is all set to marry is love, priya(mamta Mohandas).The movie starts with Maga , a powerful goon killing a man and his wife brutally for trying to kill him . All goes well until Maga was attacked and he goes to coma. Now all evidences point towards Selvam(Arun Vijay)of attacking Maga . Was Selvam really innocent and Who attacked Maga is what the story is about. The background score by Thaman keeps you to the edge of the seats but the songs could have been better. The love portions in the first half between Selvam and Priya is cute. The actions sequences in the second half where Selvam fighting with a group of goons single handedly is hard to believe. The answer to the story could not be predicted very easily which is the success of the movie. Overall Thadaiyara Thaakka is a perfect treat for thriller fans

Platform : MX Player

Content Rating : 18+

This list is part 1 of underrated tamil movies. We will update part 2 soon..

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