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UmaMaheswara UgraRoopasya(UMUR)-A Visual Treat of Araku’s Mountains and Greeneries

Cast: SathyaDev, Naresh, Suhash etc

Direction: Venkatesh Maha

Music: Bijipal

Cinematography: Appu Prabhakar

Corona Virus has done undiminished damage to the Film Industry where some biggies waiting for a theater release once theaters got open while some paved their path to OTT release with no other way. UmaMaheswaraUgraRoopasya has chosen the second path by releasing this natural drama on Netflix. This is the first Telugu Netflix release in this Lockdown. This film has been an honest remake of Malayalam blockbuster ‘Mahesinde Prathikaram’ starred by Fahad Fasil and proved to be much better than Tamil Version ‘Nimir’ starred by Udhayanithi Stalin. SathyaDevhas been shaping his career by choosing different plots and he’s now one of the acknowledged actors who has been molding his body and providing different body languages in each movie. Telugu Industry’s ‘C/O Kancherlapaalam’ fame Venkatesh Maha took up the typical challenge of directing a Keralite plot which some people think it as an impossible mission to satisfy Telugu people but director proved them wrong. On whom UmaMaheswar is furious and why. Well, we go for a brief outlet in the movie.

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Umamaheswarrao(Satyadev) played his role as a Photographer. As he is the only photographer in Araku Valley, he will be called to field for every good and bad in that village. He will be in love with a girl of a different religion who he knows from school days. But the story doesn’t contain any sequences of how their love flowered. Later part in the story, their love breaks without any bloodsheds and unnecessary dramas but with mutual understanding. Umamaheswar has been innocent and very far away from fights since his childhood days. An incident takes place in Araku village which redirects the free flow of the story to the core plot. Mahesh involves in a fight with an outsider in which Mahesh was beaten to shame. Then Mahesh vows to put back his slippers only after taking revenge on the guy by whom he was beaten. How did he took revenge and whether he put back his slippers is what the story is about.

Image Crefdits: The News Minute

The movie was given a minimum guarantee of success when the team chooses National Award winner Venkatesh Maha as director. He made the Keralite plot adopt to the Telugu Spices. The Scenic beauty of Araku Mountains and Greeneries all over has been the major plus point to the movie. The director has given utmost importance to the regionalism. One cannot experience any shades of Kerala in any of the shots. The first half travels smoothly with counters of Naresh and Suhash with cute slices of love between Mahesh and Swati. The story takes a major turn when Mahesh got beaten and he vows to put back Sandals only after taking revenge. The Introduction of Second Heroine and love scenes of her with Mahesh makes the storyline slow and makes the audience feel bore but Venkatesh Maha is not to be blamed as it a remake.

There is the big buzz created around the Telugu audience who will be chosen as a lead role to match the stardom of Fahad Fazil. Director Venkatesh Maha glorified his decision to select Sathyadev by referring his performances in previous projects. Complete justice has been done to the Umamaheswar role and proved to be no less than Fahad Fazil.

Bijipal’s Music has been pleasant to ears and every song is played in the background. Every frame has been made as a visual treat to the audience. Apart from SathyaDev, Naresh, and Suhash, every character in the movie is a new face. Special Mentions to the characters of Naresh and Suhash as they travel throughout the movie along with SathyaDev. Some of the conversations are heart-warming. The movie is very entertaining. It will be difficult to find any loopholes as the plot is very simple. It would have been even better if some sequences are scissored in the second half. Overall, no chance has been given for the ‘Mahesinde Prathikara’s team to get annoyed as complete justice has been to the original version

Verdict: Definitely entertains you if you doesn’t watch the original version. Go Enjoy the Visual Treat

Content Rating: 6+

Where to Watch: Netflix

Bingeopedia Rating: 3/5

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