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The Platform (El Hoyo) Review--A movie which will disturb you in a good way.

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

credits: IMDb and Netflix

The Platform (El Hoyo)--2019: This movie is not for weak hearts and Please watch it alone. Even you are a weak heart but a movie enthusiast just try it. This Spanish movie is more or like a Vertical Snowpiercer. The Story opens on a facility which has two inmates per floor and a hole in the middle of the portion where a structure will decent with food. The structure will stay on a particular floor for a certain time and will descent to the next floor and keeps on moving. You might have figured that the people at the top will enjoy the food and the people at the bottom will wait for the food remains or they might starve. The whole thing is said to be a social experiment to the outside world. There are three types of persons The one at the top, The one at the bottom and the One Falls.

Our protagonist Goreng (Ivan Massauge) has volunteered to stay for 6 months for an accredited diploma and to quit smoking, on the contrary, his cellmate Trimagasi ( Zorion Eguileor) choose to stay a year here over his stay at the mental asylum. They are placed on the 48th floor, on seeing the structure and the food leftovers Goreng suggest that we should ration the food for others for this Trimagasi ask “Are you a communist”. The first dialogue of Trimagasi. On a period of time Trimagasi converse with Goreng and explains the people will be shifted every month to different floor randomly. When you end up in the bottom you must survive for that month anyhow( Yeah you must be prepared to do whatever in order to survive). On a particular day, there was a woman Descending with the platform. Trimagasi says she’s Miharu (Alexandra Masangkay) a crazy lady searching for her daughter in the structure. The next month they found themselves in the 133rd floor. Trimagasi ties Goernag in his bed and say’s he will cut and eat him and also will feed his flesh. Here start’s the cannibalism part. He even tries it but Somehow or someone rescues Goernag and he, in turn, starts eating Trimagassi dead corpse and his character starts to changes and the next month he got a new cellmate and they end on the top floors. Now his cellmate lectures about rationing and the Goernag doesn’t bother. After this again he places on the bottom. Again a month passed. In his fifth-month, he ends up at 8th floor where he meets Bahrat (Emilio Baule) who changes his views and they team up to feed all the persons in the Facility as they want to send a message to the top. Did they serve all the cellmates? Did the succeded in sending the messages? Did the found anything? Why did Goernag teams with Baharat? Why you must watch this film? Even though this movie has a lot of cannibalism, blood and puss in the scenes the usage of lights make it less awkward. The minute human emotion transition the movie depicted was good. A simple theme of survival of the fittest and all people equal rights has been handled excellently. This movie will make a scar in your mind and make you change your thinking about society. The properties will convey more emotions in certain scenes. You must watch for the cinematic brilliance. You may feel that the story has revealed no you will find these in the trailer. Verdict: A mind disturbing flick with a memorable message which is for the strong hearts.

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Don’t watch it with children or family. It’s purely for 18+ Directed by: Galder Gazetlu-Urrutila Bingeopedia Rating : 3.75 / 5

Platform: Netflix.

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