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The order Review-- Yet another Supernatural Teen Drama from Netflix.

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As Netflix is best in creating a perfect teen drama with all the possible ingredients. For the order, they have added some Supernatural elements like magic secret society and werewolves etc to make it more consumable. Till now two seasons have been aired and let us discuss the pros and cons of the series.

The first season is about Jack Morton(Jake Manley) and his grandfather Pete Pete (Matt Frewer), who wants to take revenge for the death of jacks mother, who was killed by Edward Coventry (Max Martini), her husband. So they plan Jack to get into Hermetic order of Blue rose (A secret magic society) in the Belgrave University. So jack and easily take revenge for his mother’s death. But there are several twists in getting into order, As some creatures are killing the oath sworn Neophytes. Yeah, your guess is correct that might be the Werewolves as they had been shown in the trailer. Even the Werewolves have a secret society they are known as Knights of St Christopher. Two secret society means one will have a grudge over the other right? There is some good romantic portion for Jack Morton with Alysa Drake( Sarah Grey from Dc’s Legends of Tomorrow). The creator tries to give us some surprises with the simple revenge plot.

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As we all will be aware the hero will win at the end as we can’t expect more than that but the twist after the climax was awesome and a great lead for the second season. The series has used all the essence of a supernatural genre too much. The pilot episodes are a little bit draggy as the story needs some space to take off like Dhoni checking our patience with his defence in a t20 match. After this little hazel, the story takes off really well. The VFX is a little offbeat in many portions. maybe because of the low budget we didn’t have more Warewolf scenes. But regardless of these drawbacks, the first season will engage you very well.

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The season started off with a high note where the first season left. The second season was like two adventure stories which were shot as 5 episodes each which were merged into a single season. As the Plot got bigger and there was a lot of areas to explore. The creators have expended the story to many new horizons. In this season we are introduced to many secret societies. There are many good magical movements with adolescent VFX. I don’t want to give any hint of the storyline for the second season as I want you all to get a good experience.

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The second seasons did really well and end with a lot more questions to be answered in the next season. As there’s a lot more story to be told Netflix will renew for the next season. The series has all the elements for a good teen drama Beautiful cast and few good comics and romantic movements. The characters have done a good job. Especially vera Stone (Katharine Isabelle) as the Magus of the Order. She had done a commendable role. The cunningness she carried in her eye throughout the series was so good. Gabriel Dupre (Louriza Tronco) introduced as a typical queen B Diva but her character arc totally changed in the second season. And other characters like Randall, Hamish and Lilith the trio did a great job in keeping us entertained. If you like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or Riverdale this won’t disappoint you

Verdict: A good Supernatural teen drama which you can binge over the weekend and you won’t regret.

This is for teen drama fans not for the peoples who want mind-bending content.

Available on: Netflix

Content rating: 16+

Bingeopedia rating: 3.25 / 5

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