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The Mandalorian review - The perfect libhtsaber swing (based on a formula)

The mandalorian is set in the star wars universe and it follows JJ Abrams formula to the letter. Like Jon Favreau did an internship under Abrams when he was filming the star wars franchise. It's like the same breakfast you are eating daily. There's no new tastes or flavors. But what it does is taste so well that you don't crave any new dishes to sate you. You can pretty much guess the twists it is going to throw up, if indeed there was any. There is the empires evil clones, the laser guns, the bumbling aliens and its pets in a faraway world, the spacecraft, oh the spacecrafts and the drones that have more heart than the living characters.

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The story follows the titular mandalorian, (well, who else could it be) who is a bounty bunter. He does some hunting for a couple episodes, until he has a change of heart. By a child. Who he hunted. I mean it sounds simple right? The same formula is used in n number of series and movies. Except, not quite so simple. The child is the species as Yoda. You know, green bodied, badass master of jedis, wielders of that cool lightsaber and the user of force. And by this time you could have guessed it too.. yes. The child uses force. But he is 50 years old. But he is still a child because their species age very slower it seems. And he is being targeted by the empire. Who else? I mean this is not a very complex plot whatsoever. But it is very endearing and indeed engaging even to non star wars fanboys.

The plot is brisk moving, screenplay is good, the characters are well fleshed out and likeable. And indeed the characters all perform as per their arcs. Baby Yoda is also very cute and instantly won over the internet with his antics. I mean, it was Disney who perfected that strategy with baby groot. So it is nothing new for them. Pedro Pascal who plays the titular character only shows his face once in the whole series. There are war ravaged worlds, where kids play amongst the ruins. and beautiful landscapes amidst all the dust strewn wastelands. The mandalorian is definitely worth a watch for its grand visuals, the great action and the interspersed moments of genuine warmth between all the laser blasts. it is not ground breaking in terms of story or screenplay, there is nothing new there. But remember how the fan-base reacted when they experimented with the last Jedi. That is a major reason why no one is ready to experiment with the star wars formula. But it is perfectly fine as it is. Definitely worth a watch

Available in : Disney+ hotstar premium

No of episodes : 10

Bingeopedia rating : 4/5

Verdict: Good entertainer following a well established storyline

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