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The Maid (2020) Review: A horror cum Slasher movie which is quite convincing.

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Language: Thai Written by: Lee Thongkham & Piyaluk Tuntisrisakul

Directed by: Lee Thongkham.

Cast: Ploy Sornarin,Chi Wah Wong ,Savika Chaiyadej ,Theerapat Sajakul ,Ratchanok Suwannaket,Kannaporn Puangtong

There’s some adult content in the movie so it’s better to avoid watching with family.

A Netflix Orginal Thai horror Drama. The movie opens In a huge Mansion in an isolated place, Where the maids are haunted by some spirit. There comes a new Maid Joy(Ploy Sornarin) joins tot to take care of child Nid (Keetapat Pongrue). She also experiences some sinister things in the house. Nid and joy were only one’s, with the ability to see the sinister image. So somehow Joy finds that the spirit is the Old maid who had gone missing long ago and tries to find the reason for the disappearance of the Maid Ploy (Kannaporn Puangtong).

Did she found the reason for the disappearance? Did the spirit disappear? What’s the grudge the spirit have towards the maids? Watch the movie to get answers.

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The movie has an Old oneliner which we have seen in many movies like Voice from the stone. But the creator tried their best to scare us. I liked the way they split the movie into Introduction, Chapter 1,2,& 3. So we can have a brief idea where would get the twists and turns like the famous Three act structure.

The director had done a good job in giving some jump scares in the first half. The horror element was used very well. The Cinematographer Brandt Hackney has done a great job. As horror movie requires good camera work to scare the audiences. The camera work in the flashback portions and the Climax sequences are so good. The lighting was good throughout the movie. There are several night effect shots which are captured so well to give us an adrenaline rush.

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The Background score of Bruno Brugnano has given great support for the movie, His piano pieces were awesome which builds the horror aroma in the scenes. He has used the bit in most of the sequences. The actors have done a good job as well. Ploy Sornarin as Joy played really well as the whole story travels around her, she had done a commendable job in pulling out the role. Especially in the closeup shots in the climax sequences were outstanding.r. Uma (Savika Chaiyadej) and Nirach (Theerapat Sajakul ) as the cold-hearted masters have done really well.

There are few drawbacks such as the creators suddenly shifted the genre from spooky horror to Revenge Slasher. The shift was not expected and not very convincing. And also the usage of the Monkey doll which was shown like the Chucky doll. Has nothing to do with the storyline is more or like a filler in the story.

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The Flashback of the ghost and the scenes after that reminded me of MCU, not the Marvel cinematic universe it’s the Muni cinematic Universe by our Tamil James wan (Raghava Lawernce). Muni series has this same story for the movies till now. But this Flashback was quite convincing, unlike the Muni series. Overall the movie has its highs and lows if we ignore the lows and think this one as a new genre it’s enjoyable.

Verdict: This movie is good as a whole package but as a horror-thriller, it won’t be very convincing. Let’s take this as Revenge horror. If you want to watch a movie for killing time this is good. This is strictly not for the ones who need to wet their bed with fear. Available in: Netflix.

Content Rating: 18+

Bingeopedia Rating: 3 / 5

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