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The Haunting of Hill House Review-A Spine Chilling Horror with Family Drama

Haunting of the hill house is American Supernatural Horror directed by Mike Flanagan, produced by Amblin Television and Paramount Television, streamed by Netflix. I have watched the season 1 long back but there is no horror series equivalent to this as of now that’s why this horror drama finds a slot in the list of Bingeopedia recommendations. And this is not the series which just contains horror elements like other usual movies but also it is filled with lots of suspense elements and more tragic twists and many more creepy happenings. The twists are unfolded promptly on time as the director keeps you attached to the story even in the last minute of the last episode.

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Whether do you have belief in ghosts? The answer to this question is primarily based on your opinion. Whether you believe it or not, this Netflix’s 10-episode horror thriller is based on true events. Author Shirley Jackson written horror novel of the same name is released in 1959. In past, many horror movies were inspired by true events. The most famous example is 1979’s classic, The Amityville Horror based on incidents that happened in Letz family in the upstate building in Newyork. More recently, both Conjuring and Conjuring2 were inspired from case files of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine. They too served as investigators in Amityville Horror.

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The plot switches alternatively between two timelines, namely flashbacks and the present day. So if you skip even a small shot. You may have missed a much bigger surprise which you will come to know in the end. Five siblings whose haunting experiences haunt them even in the present day and the flashbacks lead the story to the eventful night in 1992 when the family escapes from the hill house. The screenplay is structured in a way that each sibling will have a haunting experience and how those hauntings are connected to the present day. The beauty of the screenplay is that each scene in flashback is portrayed in five different dimensions (point of view of each sibling). So each sibling will have different experiences around the same time.

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Every episode is designed wonderfully and rich background visuals give rich look. Cinematography and sound mixing are the main assets of the series. Usually, you will find a family in these kinds of horror epics but the family in this series is completely different. The most ambiguous talking point is this series is it a character-driven drama as each character has the utmost importance to the plot.

Great movies with Cinematic horror zone are very less. Even if you find one, the chances of amusing you are meager. But the storyline and elaborated characters in this series will give you an unforgettable experience for sure. Huge Buzz is created for season 2 as it is heard that even a high-level storyline is built in the upcoming season. Releasing season-2 is delayed and it is expected to release in 2020. But due to the coronavirus, digital streaming is much more delayed.

Verdict: Terrifying Ghost story with emotional family Drama

Content Rating: 13+

Online Platform: Netflix

Bingeopedia Rating:3/5

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