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TENET Trailer Review

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Tenet second trailer released now

Christopher Nolan's latest movie Tenet new trailer was released yesterday in Fortnite's online event.

The trailer sheds more light on the universe and theme of the movie which appears to be about people capable of manipulating time through some means. So truly psychedelic shots of fired bullets returning back to the barrel of the gun, folding landscapes and chase scenes going in reverse are seen in the trailer.

The medium the trailer was released certainly raised some eyebrows, but for people who know the cultural phenomenon that is fortnite, it came as no surprise. Nowadays fortnite has become a massive community, it is hosting its own concerts in virtual, which is being enjoyed by the huge headcount playing the game. But the fact that nolan himself has joined the bandwagon has surprised quite a few.

And the last but no less important info came right at the end when the trailer flahsed 'watch it in theatres' which means that it will take a significant time before the movie is released considering the current situation.

Image credits: Warner Bros

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