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Snyder's Darkseid update.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Credits: Zacksnyder

Woohoo, Zack Snyder released the Darkseid image. HIt the breaks and slow down a man by the way who is Darkseid? why is he more important? you may have a lot of question in your mind. Let us answer. A week after the Snyder cut victory the DC fans are screaming out of joy once again and building millions of fan theories for Darkseid. The mightest Villan of the DC universe is entirely cut off in the theatrical cut of the Justice league(2017). Is being projected in limelight today after a long wait. As Snyder planned the Justice league to be a trilogy he wanted to give some glimpse of Darkseid in the part one which we should have witnessed back in 2017. Is been scooped of from the film and was replaced by Steppen Wolf in every sequence. We suspect that the first battle on the amazon was originally featured Darkseid and was replaced by Wolf. Darkseid is the DC version of Thanos. Darkseid made the first appearance in comics on 1970 as a cameo in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134. Since then his characterisation starts building strongly and he becomes one of the mightest Villians in DC universe. Even though Steppen Wolf is Darkseid’s Uncle he serves as the commander of his troops. So the production house decided to chop off Darkside as Steppen Wolf is the commander of the troops so they changed the entire storyline. Even today there are talks about

Darkseid and Steppen wolf’s faceoff if they faceoff Darkseid will easily win. As Darkseid is more cunning and powerful than any other being in the galaxy. Darkside age is rumoured to be around 200,000 years (As per comics) while the mad titan Thanos is just 1000 years old. So by this, you all can know how important the character is how he is equal or more powerful than mighty Thanos (Sorry Marvel fans). We just wonder how his presence would have changed the course of the film and how big expectation it could have created. So we can expect that we would get a good screen time of Darkseid in Snyder's Justice League. As the Production house has planned to spend 20-30 million so Synder can complete his dream more conveniently. We hope Snyder a man of vision won’t let us down. (Playing the Superman theme behind). Let’s wait for more updates in future. For more information follow our social media profile. P.S: The comparison of the mightest villains of both Cinematic universes is just for fun don’t take it personally and start fan wars.


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