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Stranger Things-- A teen Scifi Drama Review

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

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A sensational show Created by Duffer Brothers for Netflix. This show is surely an internet sensation which has a great fandom. This was the most-streamed series of Netflix before Witcher. Let’s review all three seasons here.

The Story opens in 1980 in the city of Hawkins where they are conducting an illegal Experiment with the kids and try to communicate with the other dimension. The other dimension is called upside down. There seems to some breakout in the experiment and which leads to the release of monster. On the other side the Kids Mike (Fin Wolfhard), Will(Noah Schnapp), Lucas(Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin( Gaten Matarazzo) playing dungeons and Dragons in Mike’s basement. Mike has a sister Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) who’s in love with Steve Harrington(Joe Keery). Will has a brother named Johnathan(Charlie Heaton). One of the boys goes missing and the others are on a mission to find out him with the Help of El(Milly Bobby Brown). Did I not mention Eleven, a lab rat who got escaped from the facility and has some Psychic abilities. She has become a part of the team and helps them in their mission. On the other hand, Jim Hopper( David Harbour) the Sherif of the town tries finding the boy. At the end, on battling with the monster, a tragic thing happens to El. And the season 1 ends there with a great Cliffhanger.

The season 2 opens with the boys are back at their actual business. There are some new characters introduced and the relationship between the characters are changed. There are two transfer students from California a handsome hunk Billy( Dacre Montgomery) and his step-sister Max(Sadie Sink). The boys were not cool with max from the starting. On the other side, El lives with Harper in the Cabin in the Woods. The Kid is being possessed by the monster slowly. There seems to be a portal open somewhere in Hawkins which leads to occurrences of some traffic events. Did they find the portal? Did they close? Did we lose somebody this season? The second season has great Bromance of Steve and Dustin. Where the guys get to each other very well and the began to be bros for life in this season. El finding the other children like her and turns into a Badass oho that gave serious chill man.

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The third season opens with El and Mike are finally dating and they are supervised by Hopper. Yup, The monster finds a way to escape again but this time it has a super plan to take down the city. The gang misses Dustin whose in the Summer Camp. They usually visit the Mall where steve work they sneak to the theatre to watch the movies. Dustin comes back and tells about his girlfriend in the camp and he setups an antenna and calls its Cerebrum ( Which magneto usees to communicate in X men). Dustin overhears the Russian conversation and tapes it down and goes to visit steve to decrypt it. Robin(Maya Hawke) helps them to decode and they are trying to find a way to reach the hideout. Here comes Erica, Luca’s sister who has a queen attitude. Accepts to help them in exchange for ice-cream. The gang sneaks to the base and another half of the gang trying to stop the monster. Where Jim and Joyce (Winona Ryder)were on a quest to find about the weapon. The three gang meets up in the last act where they split up to finish the business. Did they again Succeed?

This season has ended up with a highly emotional note. The viewers will have a little amount of tear at the end of their eyes.

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show execution was awesome and they have done a phenomenal job in making this a wonderful show. Showcasing the monster in three different ways in the three-season was so good. And having included the Russians in their story was quite appealing. The cast has done a great job. You all will love them and you would admire them. Setting up an 80’s town with the pop culture references at that time was so good. The Duffer brothers have done a splendid job until now. What would we see in the next season? Let’s all wait for season 4. Verdict: A good teen Scifi Drama which will satisfy all the Genere fans.

Bingeopedia Rating: 4 / 5

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