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SnowPiercer(2013): A Masterpiece Which shouldn't be missed.

This movie is one of the Bong Joon ho’s masterpieces (Yeah He won best director Oscar at 2019 for Parasite). After watching his parasite if you are searching for the list of his list of films to binge-watch, this film we highly recommend you to watch first. So you can enjoy some quality films in your quality time.

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Set in 2031, where the whole world has frozen and all species are extinct except the ones on the Snowpiercer (A train).The train runs continuously around the world for nearly 18 years, Which is the only source to survive in this world. There two portions in the train the rich ones at the Head portion and poor at the tail portion. The tail portion lack of space, food and all things. The tail people will be counted daily and will get food in the name of a Protein bar ( Wonder what that is) once a day. Once in a while, they will check for the children in the tail portion and they capture them for some cause which you will get to know while watching the film. The leader of the train is Wilford ( Ed harris) the engine driver he’s more like a dictator controls the train. The tail portion people want to take the Engine of the train so they can control the train. The quest is lead by Curtis ( Chris Evans). You will have a series of questions like, Whether they have succeeded in their quest? What did the learn about the train? Did they found secrets of the train? Did they meet the Wilford? Did they all survive? Did they take control? Watch the movie to know the answers. Let us point out some important aspects of the film which makes it unique without revealing any detail. The portrayal of the tail portion in the First act will make you awestruck and think in the perspective as what if? The director has handled the cannibalism part very artistically. The characterisation of Mason (Tilda Swinton) as the dictators right hand is awesome. You will hate the character is a few minutes after it’s arrival. That’s the beauty Bong Joon Ho’swriting. The journey of them to the head and the struggles and fight in the Second act is finely crafted and in this act starts the unfolding of some knots which makes the journey more interesting. The tunnel fight will give you goosebumps and a sequence in the fight will make your scream literally. The comic performance by Kang-ho sang(Parasite actor) worked very well. He pulled his role very well. The portrayal of the Rich people with the surplus amenities the art department has done a fantastic job. In the Third act, Ed harris and Chris Evans have pulled a great performance. You will get all the answers to your questions in this sequence. As the final knot is being unfolded.

Reasons to watch the movie: The movie will make you think about the gap between Have’s and Have not’s.

→ A great thing to remind us about the climatic changes that are happening now. → As the usual awesome performance of the actors. → It will make you think in a different perspective.

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Verdict: Futuristic fiction story with a needed politics and the global warming factor blended in it makes the film fall into the movies shouldn’t be missed category. Platform: Netflix. Bingeopedia rating: 3.5 / 5

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