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Sillu karuppati movie review - Look around, there’s love everywhere

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Sillu Karupatti is an anthology comprising four stories, across four age groups all connected by the beautiful bond called love. Through the four stories, Halitha tries to define what love means at different stages of our lives – during adolescence, it is unconditional and unrequited; as twenty-somethings, it is a mix of the physical and the emotional; during middle-age, it means intimacy while at the fag end of our lives, it stands for companionship. It is certainly one of those movies which would give you that contented feel for having watched it. There's no fight sequence, no preachy dialogues, no hero adulation – precisely nothing that would define a typical tamil movie, yet it doesn't fail to leave an impact. In spite of flaw/ negative situation in a character in every plot, it's about them finding happiness towards the end, leaving us(the audience) with a Hope.

Let me just share few moments on each of the stories:

Pink Bag - Rahul, a ragpicker finds pink bag (with the photo of a rich girl) in the dump yard and keeps it a habit of collecting stuff from it and tries to return her expensive possession. The girl returning him chocolates & biscuits and not love, unlike the typical movies, makes it a lovable watch.

Kaaka Kadi - Mugil and Madhu begin to frequent cab rides together, discussing life, porn and everything under the sun. In Madhu’s language, we love few aspects of an individual yet we believe that we love them in the entirety, analogous to, how she likes just the lump of chocolate in the tip of Cornetto ice cream, but to get there we need to excuse the initial vanilla-ness it offers. Just like how we were so curious to check out the passenger charts in train and hope for some miracle to happen after watching "Vaaranam Aayiram", we get a similar feel to look out for co-passengers of a sharing ride in a cab.

Turtle Walk: Does Navaneethan see a motherly nature in Yashoda, or is it other way around? Could that be the reason why they are called Yashoda and Navaneethan (Lord Krishna and his mother)? Does it sound familiar after having watched the short film 'Karthik Dial Seytha Yenn', which got brutally trolled for it's emotional infidelity. The "Ginger Tea with Added Dignity", Navaneethan kissing the shadow of Yashoda sets this plot apart, leaving us with a smile and making us feel happy for them. Why not find a love and live happily towards the final stage of your life, than debilitating in solitude.

Hey Amu - Abusiveness doesn't need to be physical, it can just be mental and yet have a similar impact. Dhanapal (Samuthirakani), who is selectively deaf towards Amudhini, though ensuring that he needs sex with her only if she isn't fatigued, is a typical male who doesn't care about her feelings and just needs sex to have a peaceful sleep just like how a kid needs pampering before sleep. When Amudhini complains that he barely notices her – when other men compliment her on her new hairstyle – Dhanapal shoots back that he is going bald but she, too, hasn’t been giving that any notice; leaving us with a laughter. Amudhini talking to Amazon Alexa, about how she is contended about them being a stamped boring couple, unlike others, who try hard to pretend that they're happy, merely for the sake of social media, which is now the norm around in our society, questions our real happiness.

Verdict: For anyone who wants to watch a feel good movie.

Content Rating: 13+

Where to watch: Netflix

Bingeopedia score: 3.75

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