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Shakuntala Devi review: A perfect cocktail of biopic and drama.

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Cast:Vidya Balan, Sanya Malhotra, Jisshu Sengupta Cinematography:Keiko Nakahara Edited by:Antara Lahiri Music by:Songs: Sachin–Jigar Score: Karan Kulkarni

Director: Anu Menon The movie is a biopic of the world-famous Human-Computer “Shakuntala Devi”. But this movie doesn’t fit perfectly in the Biopic box, as the biopics will be slow, dull, full of sadness. This movie is completely out of the box and it depicts the life history of the famous mathematician in a fun way. Though the movie has more drama it covered most important movements perfectly.

The first half shows how Shakuntala Devi has showcased her talent and got recognition worldwide. The family trauma she had and how she overcame that and became a self, independent women. The sequences in London was simply awesome. The sequences where she answers the mathematical question would give us goosebumps and think how come a person can do Math this fast. She was like flash orbiting the world.

The second half has more dramatic portions which were quite draggy. Here we would get to know the personal side of Shakuntala how self-centred she was and how she loved maths more than anything else. As she would quote we are not plants which have roots to stay in a particular we have legs to roam free. She marries an IAS officer named Paritosh (Jisshu Sengupta) but she fails to find a balance between maths and motherhood. She even has a difficult relationship with her daughter Anu (Sanya Malhotra). The second half depicts how she tries to hold the family with her ambition. The entire film was quite dramatical in a conceivable way. The melodrama at the end is so good and lovable.

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Vidya Balan has done a great job her small gimmicks were so beautiful. She carries laughter throughout the film even in the scenes where she doesn’t laugh by her eye reaction we can get the feel easily. She’s surely the right choice for this role. The stage show sequences where she cracks jokes literally reminds me of “The Marvellous Mrs Maisel”. Vidhya Balan looks pretty in saree, western outfit and the elegance she carries with the character is awesome.

Sanya Malhotra as Anupama had done a great job. Acting with a star performer like Vidya Balan she had done a commendable job in getting our focus. She had carried the emotions perfectly. Jisshu Sengupta is also done a good job of playing a lovable husband who supports his wife with her ambition.

The cinematography of Keiko Nakahara was so cool it adds a feather to the crown. The way she captured different lines was so good and are so relatable to the particular time. She has ca[tured all the scenes so poetically. The portions on Banglore in 1990 and London in 1955 was my favourite timelines. The music was so soulful and not overly done throughout the movie

Presenting 83 years of a person in a span of 2 hours 10 min is a monumental task. The editor has done a great part in making the movie more conserving. He has used the non-linear type to show the time periods so sometimes we need to pause and think for a few minutes to get the gist of the scene. There are several timeline 1930’s, 1955. 1978,1998,2001.1999 many numbers as the movie are about the person who loved numbers. The way he presented to us is so good.

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The director has given a great movie about a personality which can be watched with joy. She has added sugar on a correct proportion to the movie. The overall output was so good. As when we try to add unwanted ingredients the end product will be bad. But this one stands out of the usual cliched trash. This one is a perfect weekend movie where you can also know about a great person who’s our Nations pride.

Verdict: A perfect mix of Biography and drama. Bingeopdeia highly recommends this to watch with your family. Just there are some drinking scenes.

Content rating: 6+ Available in: Amazon prime.

Bingeopedia rating: 3..25 / 5

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