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Sex Education Season 2- Did it make a Homerun?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

As like 1st season Watch it alone or regret for the rest of your life. Desi parents won’t be able to handle this.

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*****Spoiler-Free review for who has watched the first season 1********

After an emotional end to the first season. This season is full of surprises and has excellent character arc development than the first season. There are lot’s of new and important characters had been introduced we wouldn’t give specific name’s of the characters or we won’t mention them as you can feel the characters on your watch. The review may be a little longer bear with us and the full article so you can understand the peculiarity of the series. The second season starts with Otis wanking he finally found some peace. But the wanking is going on without control and his mother (Gillian Anderson) finds out and gives advice. On the other side, Maeve has her mother moved in with her sister. As the drug dealer bro vanishes in season 1 . in this season she has the former drug addict mother in her life. After the prom incident, Otis tries to talk with Maeve and restart their Clinic business as Eric was doing good and the main reason is to have Maeve. There should be some roadblocks right yeah due to chlamydia outbreak in the school Principal Groff(Alistar Petrie) appoints Jean Millburn (Otis mom) as the sex counsellor due to the pressure of the management. So their clinic gets a bad hit and so Otis tries to steal his mom’s patients diary. So in Eric life, he finds a new love named Sameer the hot new kid. Hello, Adam is got licked out the military school and he’s back in town. Yeah, you will see an emotional Gay triangular love. Otis and ola (Patricia Allision) love is in a good phase but ola is so judgemental about Maeve. In this season Maeve and Aimee friendship bond depiction was very good.

Let’s get to the story Due to the arrival new sex counsellor the student finds it easy to find a solution at free cost rather than the Old Otis clinic. Maeve tries to explore her skills in the school and also she doesn’t fail to stand up for her friend. The backstory for each character has been build very well in this season. The fat girl longing for a boyfriend and a Gay who has doubt in his relationship. The Fight between the lesbian partners in raising their son. The fight of some characters to realise their sexuality and fantasies. The ones who things they are in a wrong relationship.And so on. I don’t want to write some questions whether this will happen or that will happen I’m leaving that part to you guys.

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Let me quote some of the good sequences without revelling any detail. The sequence the women find a common thing among them and form a women team was one the high point in the show. The bond between Adam and Eric has started to become strong. And places where Otis and Maeve reveal the feels about each other in a different. Again like the last season, Otis gives a speech between the crowd but the intensions are now different. There are some emotionally blended movements that wait for them.

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Reasons to watch:

→ You will get to love the characters even more in this season.

→ Some places will emotionally connect you so well.

→ Yeah, you can gain some knowledge on the Education part.

Verdict: A high school drama with a different kind story and the perfect characterisation of each character and cliffhanger at the end make it a good content to Binge.

Content Rating: 18+

Platform: Netflix Bingeopedia Rating:3.5 / 5

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