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Sex Education - Season 1:Review-One of the teen dramas of Netflix.

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Watch it alone or regret for the rest of your life. Desi parents won’t be able to handle this.

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The title of the show will make everyone giggle a little and all will expect some high school comedy with romance. Hold your thoughts right there. It’s purely about the education of sex which will make you think in different perspective about LGBT and old age romance. This show is not about only love it’s about friendship too and a little bit of sex ed (giggles)

Sex is so pure and all have doubt in that topic, not just the intercourse part also about thyself. A man will have questions about his manhood and women about her v-gania. The beauty of this series is you will love every character other than the hero and heroine. Every character has it’s own flavour. The story starts in high school with a few main characters. Otis (Asa Butterfield) a normal teenager who’s mom is a sex therapist. He has some issues with wanking and with his mom’s boyfriends. Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey) a strong girl with a bad family history. Only friend Otis has is Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) a Proud Gay man who’s is constantly bullied by Adam ( The spoilt principal’s son). Maeve discovers Otis talent of helping the teens with their doubt’s in sex and plans to team up with him to start a business ( A sex therapy clinic) so they can earn. Also, Jackson(Kedar Williams Stirling) the star swimmer with lesbian parents and has issues to find what he loves. The entire season revolves mostly around them all. There are also some other characters which play a major role in making the story more pleasant and twisty. You may think what we expect with the plain storyline but the writers have hidden many gems in the story which will we reveal in every episode.

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Let us point out some important aspects or sequence which make the series better without spoiling anything. The part where Mave Wiley asks Otis to accompany her for a first time literally their first date that too for her abortion WOW that is not expected. The thing Otis did after that was helping another man (Jackson) to love Mave for money. The speech of Otis in the final episode is the high point of this season. Yet deep down he loves her and he wants her. Who would accompany their Gay friend with a Gay themed screening? Love doesn’t have any age limit or doesn’t bother you even if you have an adolescent boy or your partner is the father of your son’s girlfriend. You can sacrifice many fake friends for a single true friend, even the whole world against them. We deliberately didn’t mention about some characters now as it would reveal the story.

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Verdict: Let me quote what you would feel at the end of this season:

--> First thing you will know a little bit of sex ed (Readers: Yeah sure dumbass what else we would learn rocket science). → You will have a better view and understanding of the feelings of LGBT friends.

→ You will know the importance of friendship of each gender. → You will have a lite heart after completing this season and will be eager to binge the next season.

Verdict: A good high School drama which is binge-worthy without any cliche stuff.

Content Rating: 18+ Platform: Netflix. Bingeopedia Rating: 3.25 / 5

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