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Scoob Review-A reboot of the nostalgic Cartoon. Did it make a superhero landing?

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Scooby doo an iconic cartoon which has been telecasted from 1969. This show has its own set of audience. Warner Bros has planned to reboot the movie in order to build a strong list of animation movies under their name.

Does this movie also have some classic adventure for the Mystery Inc which they solved or not? Yeah, your thought is right this has the same classic Scooby-doo template.

The movie starts in time were the Backstreet boys are famous. The sequence explains how Shaggy (Will Forte) met Scooby (Frank Welker) how they became best buddies with a heartwarming Montage. The director(Tony Cervone) also uses the same theme montage to explain how the Mystery inc has been formed. A Jumpcut after the song we are in the present time where the Mystery Inc is successful. The team are now looking for an investor to get funding for the Mystery inc. Due to some reasons Shaggy and Scobby got offended and they went to the bowling ally where there’s a classic attack of robots. The Duo escapes as like in the cartoon with several comical pauses. They have been rescued by the Blue falcon ship. The blue falcon has been retired and left his son as in charge. Later they found the Dick Dastardly (Jason Issac) need Scooby for the treasure. There are some classic battles escape, friendship emotional play and other classic Mystery inc stuff.

Did the villain get Scoob? Did the gang get reunite? These are questions needs to be answered.

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Scoob has a steep hill to climb to pull the current audience in the superhero era. So the creators have added the Blue Falcon character to pull the young audience. The usage of Dynomutt, Blue falcon is like a show-off stunt. The emotional connect of characters is missing. The mystery inc formation story is very well said. Just by placing Fred and Mystery machine doesn’t convey the emotion that Fred has towards the van. The villain character is poorly written as it lacks the nostalgic villains/monsters in the vintage cartoon. The Scoob and shaggy characterisation also did touch our heart. The classic running poster of Shaggy is being missed so badly. There were no emotional connect between the characters.

The creators have made several alterations for the current trend most of it was like a half baked egg. The animation of the characters are done very well and they stunt sequences are very well executed. The mystery island setup and the spaceship are very well designed. The romance between the robot and Daphne(Amanda Seyfried) was so cute. One of the best things is using Frank Welker voice for Scoob.

Verdict: The movie will impress kids but for the vintage cartoon lovers it’s a boobytrap.

Content rating: 6+

Bingeopedia rating: 2.5 / 5

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