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Hey Rick and Morty fans, Want to know about the season finale and the future episodes? Read this..


If you still didn’t watch the episode please skip this article. Many of you wouldn’t have seen it as it will be premiered in Netflix only on June 7. The finale opened up with a Beth in the space fighting against the Galatic Federation. And Beth in earth Enjoying time with the family. We don’t know which one is the clone. Space Bethis pissed on Rick for putting a detonator in her body. So she tries to kill him and which makes the Galatic Federation trace her position easily. So another mission for the family against the new Galatic Federation sponsored By Wrangler jeans is on the way. The usage of wrangler Jean was absolutely Dope. I think they(Wrangler) would be satisfied with a good advertisement. The fight sequence between Phoneix Person a.k.a Bird Person was very well choreographed. The sequence where Rick covers his heart was absolutely chilling. The usage of lasers and the technologies used by rick is awesome. The stars war theme made this episode even cooler. The body parts shattering was quite gross but what else we would see in Rick and Morty. The comic gestures of jerry were simply flawless. The mad scientistic has no clue till the end which one is the clone. This episode has more Rickty rick moments don’t miss this. The final sequences were good and left us with some questions. As there are two Beths now we can expect more screen time of them together. The Evil Morty was just showed for few scenes in the season, so we may expect the Evil Morty portion in the near future. As we had a Faceoff of Zeus vs Rick in this season can we expect more like this kind? Everyone misses Mr Poopybutthole can we get some of him in net episodes? The Citadel of Ricks and some parody of some new Netflix originals like Dark. As there are still 60 episodes are promised by the creators we need to wait for the tentative premiere date. Let’s get Schwifty..! Watch the Interdimensional cable till we get new episodes. Wubba lubba dub dub. See you all soon. Follow us to get more updates.

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