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Rasbhari(2020) review -- A adult comedy series with no fun and will give you a headache.

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Rasbhari is about how the whole town is mesmerised by a beautiful new lady.

The story is set in a small town of Meerut India. Where a new and very beautiful English teacher called Shanoo Bhansal (Swara Bhasker) has come. Every student.teachers and people of Merrut is stunned by her beauty. Our Hero Nand (Ayushman Saxena) is also fond of the teacher but he is liked by his classmate Priyanka( Rashmi Agdekar). There are several speculations about Shanoo as she’s a Nympho. So Nand also tries to seduce Shanoo madam by joining her tuition.On the other side, Priyanka tries to prove her love for Nand. Did Nand get Shanoo madam? Did Priyanka make Nand realise her love? Whether Shanoo is really a Nympho?

We didn’t get any laughter throughout the series. The creators didn’t concentre much on the plot. They are using Multiple personality disorder to justify the actions of Shanoo. Which is not researched well and it was not conveyed well. Except for three major Characters, none others were given importance. The creators would have read some Third-grade sex comics and started writing some portions. The sequence where the Provision shop owner says he will get money from madam etc is typical comic Style (Some of you even know the comics which we are quoting). The director could have seenAnniyan for reference to Multiple Personality disorder.

Most of the sequence are seems to be half baked. Why they are showing Swara’s flashback from childhood this has nothing to do with the storyline. There was no strong back story for Rasbhari character or how Shanoo got the Split personality disorder. And they are mentioning Shanooo as a Book Worm but there is not a single shot where she reads any kind of Novel. There are several dream sequences which are so cheap and disgusting. The creators are trying so hard to make this as an American Adult comedy but it fails miserably.

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The leads have done a good job. Swara Bhasker has mesmerised us by her performance. Having a good performer like Swara the director just concentrated on showing her assets. Just by showing the Navel and back of Swara won’t save the show. Nand and Priyanka have done their job very well. The best thing about the series is it’s the length as it will end quickly.

Verdict: A poorly executed Adult comedy which is not as good as a B-grade movie. If you have more time to kill just watch it. Not recommended for persons who want to watch good content.

Content rating: 18+

No of episodes: 8 Running time of episodes: 25 min(avg) Available on: Amazon Prime. Bingeopedia rating: 1.25/ 5

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