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PSV Garuda vega review - A top Notch Adrenalin Pumper

PSV GARUDAVEGA is a 2017 Telugu spy thriller written and directed by Praveen Sattaru, produced by M.Koteeswara Raju. Rajsekar and Pooja Kumar play the leading role while Kishore and Nasser play the supporting roles. A hacker tries to sell the secrets of a top political scam and the NIA(National Investigation Agency) officer saves him from getting killed is all about the one liner and you cont expect more than one liner here as they may be spoilers. The movie is really well made according to Indian standards which will definitely keeps you sticking to your seats. Movies like these are very rare in Telugu industry as it don’t contain preachy punches and harrowing slow motions cuts but brings out nail biting suspense with high scientific stuffs and screaming productive standards.

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Unbelievably, most engaging story with gripping screenplay and the movie contains many adrenaline pumping scenes especially bomb diffusion scenes(sorry for spoiler) which is made with such longevity makes audience who are very hungry for those kinds of sequences go crazy as those kind of sequences are being absent from some recent years. Most hard to believe the fact, this movie is the directorial debut of Praveen Sattaru. The output will be enormous when a talented director collaborates with hungry actor. Good to see Dr.Rajsekhar back to form with greatest comebacks ever seen.

The background score will keep you stick to the story from deviating with perfect sync. Bheems Cecireleo has composed song tracks while Sricharan Pakala been the composer of background score. Kudos to the director to chose such a script as it involve lots of political complications. Even after release the film faced controversies as the Hyderabad civil court passed the interim order not to screen the movie based on a complaint filed by Uranium Corporation as the movie shows the corporate in bad light. Bollywood Queen Sunny Leone played a guest dance in "deo deo" song which has been ringtones for both Andhra and Telangana youths those days.

The first half is filled with speedy chasing sequences and action chronicles which keeps you on edge of your seats and second half will keep you watching Rajsekhar tracking the dispute between hacker and the scamming cartel. Rajsekhar pulled off his work with quite ease and Pooja Kumar as Swathi, who gets a similar role to the one she portrayed in "Vishwaroopam" of being unaware of husband’s nature of work. The chemistry between husband and wife is well pictured and logically convincing. Posani Krishna Murali done is part with some comic cracks as a bity politician. If you are a thrill lover with some scientific stuff, then PSV GARUDAVEGA will please you in dusky lockdown.

Verdict: Those who are the fans of thriller genre, PSV GARUDAVEGA is a must watch

Content Rating:13+

Where to Watch: MX Player, Sun NXT

Bingeopedia score:3/5

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