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Penguin Review- A New thriller mystery in town.

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A pregnant woman goes in search of her first child, who has been missing for six years. The movie opens up in a spooky forest in Hillstation where a Guy in Charlie Chaplin mask shows and brutally kills a child and goes inside the lake like a shark. After a small fade, we are seeing Keerthy Suresh waking up and the camera focuses on all the items in the bedroom and gives some glimpse about the story. Keerthy Suresh plays the character name rhythm. In the hospital, she sees a bee nest and remembers the past how she lost her old son 6 years ago. She has PTSD for insects. The director tries to explain the film in a non-linear narrative to explain all the course of events happened in the film. After the hospital visit, she goes to the lake where the tragedy happened and tries to remember all the events. After sometime in the night, she saw someone who has been hurt and warns her about the kidnaper and she saw the Shiloute of the person and she escapes. During this sequence, the Kidnapper tries to follow her.

She then reports it to the police and they said another child has been kidnapped in a similar fashion. She tries to return to the spot and finds something / Someone on the ride. After this incident what happened to Rhythm? Did she found her lost boy? Did the police found the killer? What the motive of the killer? The idea of nonlinear edits to convey the story was good but it takes so much time to get into the flow of the story. The first shot of the kidnapper looked like a Ripoff of Pennywise clown from IT. As the character emerges from the lake and disappears in it. But there was no connection to it. There are series of shots with the kidnapper has been shot to make us think in a different perspective.

The boy who played Ajay has pulled off the character very well. The intense look in the eyes of the kid is simply awesome. Keerthy Suresh has pulled off a great job in giving life to the character. Playing a pregnant women character and doing small stunts she did a commendable job. The twist after the pre-climax was quite good. The director(Eshvar karthic) has given many loopholes so we can image the kidnaper as a number of characters.

The background score was not that grippy. It fails to elevate the tension of the scene. The scene where Rhythm encounters the kidnaper was poorly choreographed and they just reduce the frame rate in a certain place to give us tension but it also failed. The interrogation scene could have been better. The backstory of the kidnapper was so badly written. The racy editing in the trailer is being in the movie. The movie failed in the third act where the suspense knots should revel. Because of some lengthy scenes we got diverted from the core of the film. The screenplay seems to be off in most of the sequence. The aerial and wide-angle shots are Captured very well. The cinematographer(karthick Palani) has done a phenomenal job. The main drawback I felt is the background score. We didn't expect Santhosh Narayanan to disappoint us in a big way.

Verdict: A good thriller mystery which could have done been way better.

Content rating: 14+

Platform: Amazon prime

Bingeopedia rating: 2.25 / 5

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