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Palm Springs review -- A romcom style edge of tomorrow.

Director: Max Barbakow

Cast: Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, Peter Gallagher, and J K Simmons

Screenplay: Andy Siara

Image Credits: MetaFlix

There are no potential spoilers mentioned so.you can read this review fully.

In a destination wedding, there's a carefree guy Nyles(Andy Samberg) who just good around. He saves Sarah (Cristin Milioti) the Maid of honour from an embarrassing speech and they get attracted and tries to hook up. During the time Nyles was hunted by a strange guy. Injured Nyles crawls to a cave and Sarah follows him and they get sucked up inside.

When they wake it's the same day yup it's yesterday. No yesterday is today Tomorrow is yesterday damn am I blabbering. They got stuck inside a time loop. How did they break the loop is the whole story.

Image credits: Entertainment Weekly

The director has made a parody of Edge of tomorrow. As when they wake up the day restarts. But the pain is real in this world. The story is a good mix of dark comedy and romance. The whole team has done an awesome job in holding the crux of the plot.

Only the two characters Nyles and Sarah are only throughout the movie. The actors have done a phenomenal job. Especially Cristin Miliot has pulled a great job in maintaining the spotlight.

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There are several good comic sequences which will make you laugh out of hearts. Even for a serious sequence like finding the way to end the time loop the director used Humor as his weapon. The theatre plays of the two main character are superb. The creators try to explain what love truly is in a darker tone.

The cinematographer Quyen Tran has done a good job. As she needs to shoot in the same location and set up infinite time as it's a time loop concept. She had done a phenomenal job throughout the movie. Even the story happens in a small box we are very well engaged. A single scene which is repeated tirelessly has some comic elements every time it repeats.

Image Credits: Hulu

The reset of all sequences would be annoying but it will be loved like CSK ending up in top 4 every year of IPL. Another best thing is the running time it's only 90 min long. They have made it more crisp and consumable.

There are certain plot holes which are left unattended. There's no proper backstory for the time-loop concept or for the existence of the cave. If we keep these small things aside sure this movie will be more enjoyable. In the end, this movie looks good as a complete package.

Verdict: A feelgood laugh riot for the weekend. Just don't think much while you watch the movie. Just go with the flow. You will surely enjoy it.

Available in: Hulu

Content Rating: 18+

Bingeopedia ratings: 3.25 / 5

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