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Onward Review-An Emotional Magical quest with a laugh riot.

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The story is about two Elven brothers on a quest to bring back their father just for a day. Did they succeed or not?

This movie is also a pretty good Pixar and Disney template which has great family emotions, Ample amount of magic and great emotional connect between the characters.

The story opens up in a world which was run by magic in th course of time people started to invent things and slowly magic got disappeared from their lives. This world has trash picking unicorns and pet dragons and several Narnia creatures you will see in the world. The story revolves around an elf family. Ian lightfoot (Tom Holland) who’s turning 16 he’s a shy introvert who has not met his father even once. It's has been his lifetime wish to meet his father at least once. His Elder brother Barley (Chris Pratt) who goofy, a nomad who keep on talking about the old magics and keep on playing old magic card games.

On Ian’s birthday, his mother(Julia Louis-Dreyfus) gives him a parcel which was given by his father to present the presents when both are over 16. The present has a magic stick and a spell to bring back their father for one day. When they try the spell something backfired and only the bottom half of their father came back. So Barley suggests going on a quest to find the Phoneix crystal by the Help of the crazy board game and the spellbook. After seeing the note the boys have left the Laurel is on the way to find the boys. On her way, laurel finds about the curse on the Gem and along with Manticore (A lioness which can fly) she tries to save the boys. Did the boys find the gem? Did laurel find the boys? Did then remove the curse? Did Ian meet his father for the first time?

On the parallel journey what kind of things happens to the characters was conveyed very well. The emotional drama between the boys and the father was really good which is a typical Pixar touch like in the movie Inside out. Tom Holland breathes life into Ian’s character with his perfectly boyish voice for a sweet 16-year-old. Chris Pratt successfully delivers the essence of Barley’s loud yet layered character, who has a deeply emotional side too. The comical sounds which Pratt improvised for barley are so cool. The duo perfectly rubs off each other to deliver some of the finest moments in the film. The other characters like Laurel have portrayed the mother emotions very well. The firebrand Manticore (voiced superbly by Octavia Spencer) who has now turned into a docile people-pleasing restaurant owner. The dangerously adorable biker gang of pixies, a goofy centaur (half human half horse) policeman.

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The usage of magic tricks was way more. The creators tried to add more comedy and emotion into a perfect plot, at the end the story was diluted. In an easily predictable plot, the director (Dan Scanlon) has tried his best to keep it crisp and emotional. This one is a perfect flick for all children. Adults will also enjoy the comic timing of the brothers. Verdict: A perfect package of emotion and magic which will please children. Content rating: 6+

Available in: Hotstar & Disney plus

Bingeopedia Rating: 3 / 5

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