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One punch man - parody with a heart of gold

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

How do you make a show about a hero who is so powerful, that he can end any fight he is in with just a punch, without it being boring for more than one episode. Exactly like how the creators made one punch man is how.

One punch man follows Saitama, a hero who is ridiculously overpowered and his student Genos and their adventures together as they fight monsters and find meaning in life.

One punch man is a shounen anime which manages to rip up all the templates available within shounen trope and manage to mix all the ripped up pieces to create an entirely new story line and be extremely interesting in it. There are overpowered villains with nefarious plans for world domination, there are young protagonists fighting for justice in a noble manner, explosive and breathtaking action set pieces and cool background score. You may think, "this is all the same as other shounen series, what is so different about this one?" The answer is Saitama. From the offset, you will not believe that he is the protagonist, because that's how bland he looks. But the series works because of the really deadpan humour of its protagonist and the chemistry he has with his sidekick Genos. Take for example the introduction given by Saitama for himself " I started working out daily. I worked so hard for three years that I noticed a change. My hair started falling out and I had become stronger". But now our hero has become so strong that his fights all end predictably. So, he is facing crisis of a sort with fighting a worthy opponent that can give him the thrill of battle again.

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Season one when it launched was a revelation with its story and the crazy animation quality that made it one of the top series of the year. Season two really took a hit because the production house changed and the animation quality looks as if it took a blow from Saitama himself. But it takes nothing away from the story however, as it's the same entertaining story as in first season. There are overarching and deep themes about identity theft, plagiarism, existential crisis, environmental issues and everything.

One punch man is one of the best anime shows out there. It may feel like a parody, but it does have more layers than that. With just 24 episodes across two seasons, it's a very quick binge for all who loves great entertainment.

Contents : Strong language, body gore (although they are anime parts flying around)

Available in : Netflix

Bingeopedia rating : 4/5(for season one) 3/5(for season two due to poor animation quality)

Verdict : Go for it, you will not regret it

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