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One piece - the Godfather to jack sparrow - only in anime style.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Where to start with one piece, the story is so big and has been running for 20 years that it has become the best selling manga of all time with over 400 million copies sold world-wide. There are 929 episodes of the show currently and more than 15 standalone films. So, to binge watch one piece you need roughly 13 days. Get it. But the show is so good that you will probably want to finish in two weeks itself. It is that good. The story follows a young man named Luffy who is obsessed with pirates all his life and he eventually sets of to the seas to find a crew for himself and find the treasure named one piece. Which is such a big deal that all the crews in this world is trying to find it. But when you think that it is another pirate adventure think again. The hero has a unique power - he has eaten a fruit that has made his body completely into rubber. Stop your thoughts when you think that he is a Mr. fantastic rip-off. Luffy is much more creative in his use of powers and unique in characterisation. He is what most people call "idiot". Most of the people in one piece have these unique powers obtained from eating these weird fruits called devil fruits. Eating one gives a unique ability of that fruit and makes you unable to swim. There are guys who can transform into dragons, guys who can shoot fire, ice, guys who can cause earthquakes and people who can grow extra limbs. Each of these abilities are quirky and some are downright weird. And the crew of luffy is each unique and well fleshed out that the story never feels boring. The comedy in this show is certainly right up there with the best and the action sequences are so well thought out its fun in its entirety. The only downside to one piece is that the show will probably cross a 1500 in episode numbers and is currently airing only 929th episode. So you probably has to wait a long time to get to the shows climax which will be excruciating wait. Available in : Crunchyroll, Hulu Bingeopedia rating : 4.5/5

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