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Never Have I Ever: Review -- A Screwedup Teen drama.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

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A little spoiler I like to call it that way. If you have already watched some School drama’s that won’t be Spoiler. Yet another teen dram with some Indians as the main character. Jeez, that sounds different after “Crazy Rich Asians” right. As “Crazy Rich Asians” has set some standards for Asian based films and series. The story revolves around Devi Vishwa Kumar(Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) ( an Indian teenage girl who lost her father while she’s was performing in the school orchestra and want to get a boyfriend and get railed(Wow that’s new for the teen drama). As a normal school drama, it has a character which is lesbian(Almost all the series has this character) and a friend with mommy issues (Same old character), A ribbed alpha male who’s the sex symbol and the rival of Devi.Just a plain drama with no twist. Let me jump into my view about the series. It’s like an ad campaign for other Netflix series. They usually quote some good tv shows to make the show cooler (Hat’s off) just give attention to the quotes rather than the story line. There’s not much of a character detailing. You can’t blend with the character’s some teen can blend as they wanna hook up with the abs ribbed alpha male or to the famous chick of their school. At the end turns into a Some of the flaws which I felt are: I don’t get that the heroine’s( let’s just call her that), mother wear’s Mangalsutra(Thalli) after her husband’s death. They characterized themselves as south Indian and they call someone as Periyappa(Father’s elder brother) but they can’t say thakkali (Tomato) properly. The stereotyping India and Bollywood damn burn. Bollywood movies are 7 hours long and all people in India are vegetarian concentrate on the script man don’t give some mediocre crap. If you binge-watch Riverdale you can make some decision on your love (Wow I didn’t expect this).

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Verdicts: → The series may be on the #2 on the trending in Netflix. But it won’t be famous after a while. Just to cast Indians in an American environment won’t make the show different and exquisite. → If you want to watch some random teenage drama just go for it. → If you just wanna kill ur time and u want to see some Indian faces go for this.

Platform: Netflix Content Rating: 16+ Bingeopedia rating: 2 / 5

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