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Netflix's Raat Akele hai review - Classic murder mystery worth watching

Raat Akele Hai is a classic text book murder mystery with digs on Women’s Stature and the Inequalities they have to endure. This slow burner stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Jatil Singh) and Radhika Apte (Radha) helming the movie so effortlessly, with the director carrying the narrative similar to Herbert von Karajan Conducting Beethoven’s Symphony.

This Movie feels fresh as it doesn’t have a protagonist shooting 10 people or shirtless beach Charades, but offers a nail biting screenplay (slow nail biting!). This gives us an incense at the current Indian society and how shamelessly people are bragging about the Indian Matchmaking.

The Typical Indian Mindset masochism is exhibited at the start as the actor, in a Scene, defines a girl like a Laptop’s Performance. But at the end, falls in love with Radhika Apte whom he considers as a bad influence, showing this society is capable of change. There exists a level of nuance in the acting, with the leads acing every detail from the eye-ball movement to the way they walk, and Radhika especially, as she carries herself and such is her brilliance she eloquently finishes her part with lesser dialogues.

The other cast members have carried out their part pretty well as the main leads.Usually home murder mysteries are narrated to way the game of chess is played where you try to get through the enemies territory by removing a piece at at time. This movie’s demystification has striking similarities with Murder in the orient express and knives out.

This Whodunit keeps you glued with puzzles coming in at the end as it brings out the demons lurking in the Families with wealth and power. The background Score impresses at most places as it gives you the tension of characters in a Particular scene.

Verdict: - This Pandemic has created scarcity to lot of things (Good movies), so a rare Pele In a group of Neymars.

Available in: Netflix

Bingeopedia rating: 3.75/5

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