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Netflix’s Maniyarayile Ashokan Review -- A cute movie for all the unmarried flok.

Image Credits: New Indian Express

Cast: Jackob Gregory, Anupama Parameswaran, Krishna Sankar, Shine Tom Chacko

Music: Sreehari K. Nair

Cinematographer: Sajad Kakku

Story: Magesh Boji

Screenplay: Vineeth Krishnan

Directed by: Shamzu Zayba.

God’s own country filmmakers have a great trait of making soulful films with a simple storyline. This movie is so soulful but being soulful has its drawbacks yup, it’s quite slow but if you all ignore that you will have a great journey throughout the movie.

The movie depicts the common problems faced by all the average-looking men who are on the verge of crossing the marriageable age ( which is commonly known as “Mudhirkannan). The story revolves around Ashokan (Gregory) who has an inferior feeling about him and daily dreams about his marriage-like “Nee Varuvai EnaParthiban, The Olu song just reminded me of the first song of Nee Varuvai Ena movie. The whole movie is about how Ashokan got married what are the hardships he faced during that journey.

Ashokan a clerk in the Government office who is afraid of swimming baths with a bucket in the pond. By having several minuses in his appearance and life he’s been loved by Shyama (Anupama Parameswaran). The love portions are so beautiful. After got acceptances from both parents, they faced an issue which all love couple face in our country you all are thinking correct. After facing the issue what happened in the life of Ashokan life? Did they got married? Let’s see.

The cinematographer Sajad Kakku has done a phenomenal job in capturing the beauty in every frame. He has made the film so cool to watch. The montage sequences in the songs are simply awesome, We can keep all the sequence as wallpaper of computer. He has shown the natural richness of God’s own country so well. On the other hand, all the songs are so cute and hummable. Sreehari K. Nair background music in the emotional scenes are soul screeching. His songs are the major reason for making the slow first half more pleasant and watchable. Gregory has lived as Ashokan. He has to give soul to the character. We can’t take eyes off him in a single. If he smiles we will smile if he cries we will feel his pain. The character of Krishna Sankar, Shine Tom Chacko as Ashokan friends are good. We all will feel we need friends like them. The are several cameos of some stars which are quite a treat to watch.

The director has touched many superstitious believes which is usually done when a person is not getting matches. He has done a great job in conveying the right emotions. Some may say it’s total rubbish but all the things depicted are happening commonly till now in many parts of our country. The comedy has worked in most of the places. He has presented a beautiful poem in front of us.

Some may feel the movie is slow. Though we have seen many inferior feeling characters in mostly all the cinema industry Ashokan tries to stand out the crowd. The character arc was so very well crafted that everyone can relate to him,

Verdict: A story which all the Unmarried men can relate with a lot of love in it. Do wait for the cameos of Dulquer and Nazriya.

Bingeopedia rating: 3 / 5

Content rating: 13+

Available on: Netflix.

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