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Netflix's I'm not okay with this: Review--A different approach in Teen Drama

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Based on: I Am Not Okay with This by Charles Forsman.

Adapted by: Jonathan Entwistle, Christy Hall.

Directed by: Jonathan Entwistle.

Cast: Sophia Lillis, Wyatt Oleff, Sofia Bryant, Kathleen Rose Perkins.

Music: Graham Coxon.

Cinematography: Justin Brown

I’m not okay with this is based on the Graphic novel the same name by Charles Foresman. As this show is produced by the same stranger thing team it was a good sell point for the audience. This show is more or like The End of the fu****g world.

Image Credits: Netflix

This story is about a normal teen Girl Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis) who visit a therapist to overcome the trauma of her father’s suicide. She has a brother and a bad mother who thinks she’s not good. The only best thing she has her friend Dina (Sofia Bryant). She loves him so much and she’s possessive about her very much. Suddenly Syd gets some sort of mysterious power like EL (Stranger Things) she can do some sinister stuff with her mind. Her neighbour Stan knows about this matter and tries to help her and the sequences are quite hilarious and it turns out to be romantic. Syd is in a great dilemma that this power is from her father and someone is following her. She likes Dina so much and she doesn’t know She’s a Lesbian or not. Whether Syd expressed her love towards Dina? Did she control her power? What happened to Syd and Stan romance? Did anyone got hurt? Did Syd found about her father?

The opening shot where Syd walks with blood all over he clothes and the police siren whiling and there starts the voiceover of Syd as “Dear Diary”. This open shot was awesome and make the watchers expect more from the creator. The usage of voiceover and drugs was quite more. The character arc of Syd is good but they could have shown some more backstory about her and her dad.

The mental state of Syd is conveyed beautifully. Ceratin sequences remind us of low budget Professor Xavier. The emotional battle that Syd is going through has been portrayed really well. The cinematographer has done a good job. The music plays a key role in elevating the scene in certain aspects.

Image Credits: TechRadar

The series has ended in good cliff hanger sort of fashion and with a lot of question to answered. Let's us wait for the next season. Bingeopedia will recommend this series to who want to see some new elements in teen drama.

Verdict: A teen series with some good ingredients eliminating the cliched pieces of stuff. A good one to kill your time. Platform: Netflix.

content rating: 18+

Bingeopedia rating: 2.75 / 5

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