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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

credits: Amazon prime


Language: Hindi Cast: vivek oberoi,richha chadda,tanuj virwani, angad bedi

When Mumbai mavericks, a powerplay league team gets a new owner, the spirit of the team gets reversed. How money, fame, sex changes the teams is what the story is all about.

A series based on cricket is always on high expectations, especially in Asian countries.Did inside edge satisfy them ?? let's see in the review. The biggest advantage of this series is that the character introduction is done within an episode. From episode 2 it becomes an edge of the seat thriller

A bit of spoiler ahead :

When one of the co-owners of Mumbai mavericks becomes bankrupt, the team is bought by Vikrant Dhawan (Vivek oberoi). The climate in the dressing room changes suddenly. when Zarina Malik (richa chadda)co-owner of Mumbai mavericks cum actor starts losing her popularity, she has no choice but to become the puppet of Vikrant Dhawan. The uniqueness of the series lies in showing the dark world beyond the ground, which is all about power, money, fame, sex, caste which we don't see in most cricket series/movies. The director’s bravery to show the rock bottom level of scam and match-fixing is appreciable. The importance of analytics in cricket is very well depicted. Also how a new player, who has no power/fame is blackmailed and involved in betting is portrayed beautifully.

The grippy screenplay is the biggest plus point of the Indian series. Once you start watching, you never stop after the end of an episode. The series lags when the antagonist tries to exploit his power too much and make more and more money by betting and fixing players. Whenever a cricket series is made, the audience expects it to be closer to reality.Inside edge is not based on original events., which is a little disappointing. Too ardent cricket fans may take it hard to digest as it not really completely. Watch it only as a thriller drama and leave as you do it for most series/films. There are much more characters and contents. Go for it with a light heart.

Verdict: Smart and binge-able edge of the seat thriller.

Content rating : 18+

Where to stream: Amazon prime

Bingeopedia rating: 3/5

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