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"You Want To Talk About Reality? We Haven't Lived In Anything Close To It Since The Turn

Of The Century." - Mr. Robot

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It starts with Elliot Alderson, a skinny guy in a hoodie working at the cybersecurity firm

AllSafe’ and a part time hacker vigilante, taking down a coffee shop owner,

who runs a child pornographic website. It would have been a typical show, had

he won any rewards in return. But Elliot does it anonymously and doesn’t give a

sh*t about money, convincing us that the show has greater intentions.

Elliot gets recruited by Mr. Robot, the mysterious leader of the hacker group fsociety (f*cksociety), whose plan is to wipe off the entire debt and redistribute the wealth by taking down the Financial system, E(vil) Corp. That’s when he asks Elliot, the famous quote, Are You A One Or A Zero? implying ‘Are you going to be a revolutionary or are you just going to sit back in ignorance and drink your Starbucks like everyone else?’

Elliot is alienated not just from his family, friends and society but from the reality itself, making him talk to us (the audience), his imaginary friend. It breaks the fourth wall in a peculiar way. Elliot asks us to look for things, begs for our help and even starts yelling at us for not telling him about a plot twist, engaging us a lot more, even giving us the feel that we’re the accomplice in his plan to take down the Evil Corporations.

The show employs visual tricks to emphasize the distance between characters, such as wide-angle lenses and framing characters near the edge of the screen. The fast-paced story,

dialogue, music ques and cinematography all come together to make it an

interesting watch. The conflicting ideologies between Elliot and Mr. Robot is the major point of the show. It basically boils down to Elliot refusing to kill people, Mr. Robot is fine with

killing if it’s necessary. There’s the dark army, a malicious, Chinese hacker group, headed by White Rose, who is very time conscious and decides who gets to live and who gets to be protected. Precisely, it has got all the elements of a very interesting series.

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Viewers, especially from the tech fraternity, can exactly understand the nitty gritty behind the technology portrayed in the series. The show has many instances of real-life tools and tricks such as DDoS attack, Kali Linux, brute force attack, Tor Browser, which is popular for

anonymous internet activity, USB Rubber Ducky, ProtonMail, Spoof SMS, Pwn Phone,

etc., If you don’t understand any of these, join the club, even I don’t and it’s not even required. I’m just trying to establish the sincerity the series is trying to offer us, through a thorough study of the hacks. The hacks are just a means to establish the philosophy of Mr. Robot and form a minor part of the series. Mr. Robot has a lot more to say than to just tell a story about one person. The show has a surprisingly human and emotional side, with incredible messages about human connection, including how human connection is influenced by our current technologies and the world we live in.

The show is briefed in Elliot’s quote:  "They showed themselves, the top 1% of the 1%, the ones in control, the ones who play God without permission. And now I'm gonna take them down", questioning the Capitalistic Culture and the Friendship circles being just virtual, existing for the sake of Facebook & Instagram. It has got awesome and impactful dialogues thrown around in every episode.

Image Source: Magical Quote

Verdict: Absolutely a must watch, for someone who wants to experience a quality content, though it never broke into the mainstream.  

Content Rating: 16+

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Bingeopedia score: 4

An underappreciated masterpiece

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