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Motherless Brooklyn-- Review

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

The Movie opens Up (Down)! to the early 1950's 60's of Newyork with a 50/50 shot that shows Edward Norton and his fellow mate trying to make a Conversation Where director Intends to Show(how mow bow) the impact of Tourette Syndrome the Protaganist has and then the majestic Bruce Wills follows is introduced as a Investigator in Trouble After a Dirty Secret of the Great Randoph Moses. This is a Slow burning neo Noir where the cinematograher is effective in showcasing the perplexity of Edward Norton through a Technique called Chiaroscuro, in a scene Where Edward Listens to the Call and Visuvalises the Scene, a brilliantly Executed scene. The Movie Revolves Around the Issues Faced by minorities and the How the Urban Planning Affects their Survival,and how important the Roles of leaders like Martin Luther King and his Effect on the Constituency.This movie is based on the Real life Urban Builder Robert Moses. Edward Norton Shines as a Victim and an intelligent Investigator,Especially his transition from beaten to standing up for his Mentor is simply Magnificient.The Heart warming background Score adds to the nuance. The Sluggish Screenplay Slows down the Tempo and at the end there is no proper Justification for the acts rather than some moral nonsense(giving you brain freeze) The plot loses is course dwelving much as the moral battle between people of color and natives rather than as a classic crime thriller Bingopedia Review:threeeeeee/Five

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