• Muthukkumaran B

Microsoft dropped the Halo Infinite gameplay footage

Microsoft is showcasing a lot of trailers and gameplay footages in its xbox live event - the Xbox games showcase, as part of the summer games festival, which is a collection of events like the PC games show and Ubisoft forward. And one such exclusive footage is the long awaited gameplay video of the upcoming game Halo: Infinite, which is expected to release in the holiday season this year. Halo is one of the industry titans owned by 343industries, and has a huge fan following. It made Microsoft one of gaming industry's biggest names and launched Xbox into orbit. Halo is a SciFi space opera first person shooter game, where you get to play as a spartan, a soldier inside a mechanical suit, in a war against an alien race called as covenants. Halo: combat evolved, developed by Bungie with Microsoft studios is still recongnised as one of the greatest games of all time. So, naturally the hype is crazy high for Halo: Infinite which is the latest installment in the series which is coming to Xbox series X.

And now, Microsoft has given us the gameplay footage, which looks stunning. In this, we get to see the world rendered in stunning graphics and also the gameplay of halo. The fluidity in the gunplay is amazing, and as far as first looks go, this footage ticks all the right boxes and Really enhances the anticipation. You can check out the footage in the video below.

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