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Metro Kathalu- A movie with Incomplete Tales

Director: Karuna Kumar

Music Director: Ajay Arshad

Cinematographer: Venkata Prasad

Many movies had followed the path of OTT during lockdowns and Metro Kathalu is one among them. The main reason for my eagerness for this film is because of director Karuna Kumar who was been impressive in Palasa 1978. This movie is not an ordinary commercial one. The plot contains four stories and each story contains some deep message. If you understand the message from each story, you will like it but if you don’t understand, you may dislike. Adult content is high in two episodes. So be careful when looking with family. Critics claim that South Indian movies did not perform well in OTT during this lockdown. Will Metro Kathalu join that list? Will get into the review………….

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Adult content is high in two episodes. So be careful when watching with family. But there is an episode of Rajiv Kanaka in end and that will enough to say that this film is good. The audience will also feel the same after watching this. Rajiv Kanakala acted so eloquently that he will cry and makes us cry. Let's get deeper into the review.

As mentioned earlier, this plot contains four stories. Each story has a name. The proposal, Ghatana, Selfie, and Thegalu. Palasa fame Nakshatra and Chiruveer acted in the first story Proposal. How would this generation girl react if a boy proposes for marriage? How genuine she would be and whether he understands her genuineness is what the story is about. One can get impressed with the clarity in her words about the future, about her family, about her likes and dislikes. Though looks good in dialogues and character sketching, this story doesn’t get attached at any cost.

The second story is Ghatana. A Husband who fails in his life leaves his wife and children behind, then returns and becomes a burden to that family. Because of that, how his wife was mentally depressed is what the Ghatana is about. There is a bit of adult content in this story. This story is not well sketched and completely relentless and unacceptable. Despite not emotionally attaching to the audience, it brings a bit of sense of irritation to the section of the audience.

And when it comes to the third story selfie, it's a little emotional but very good if it's very connected. A couple falls in love and gets married. How a woman feels when a man running for money and not giving importance to her is what the Selfie is about. People with maturity and couples who are facing this problem will like this story and will get emotionally attached.

The last story is Thegalu, my favorite. Rajeev Kanakala will make us cry only through the modulations in his dialogues. This story will get connected to every father who has children. This last episode is the only reason to review something about this movie. Without the episode called Thegalu, there will be nothing to review in the movie. The story is about we remember something that connects to taste or food items. So in this story, Rajeev Kanakala will have a remembrance of an incident behind every food item. The specific item Thehalu is about the remembrance of his father and his portrayal of his father is excellent. We will be able to see one of the best single take lengthy dialogue in this scene and it will be hard to control tears. The background score during his portrayal of his father is mind-blowing.

Despite the exceptional performance of Rajeev Kanakala, the film is just average. The run time is just about 80 minutes but one will get bored in the first three stories. Need to wait for the fourth story which is the lifeline for the plot.

Verdict: Decent presentation with some exceptional performance from Rajeev Kanakala

Content Rating: 18+

Where to Watch: aha(subscription not needed)

Release date: 14-August-2020

Bingeopedia Rating: 2.5/5

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