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Cast: Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania, Ishaa M saha, Anindita Bose, Aditya Bakshi, Madhurima roy, Ridhima Gosh

Director: Birsa Dasgupta

Production: Eskay Movies

The eight-episode thriller is about six friends planned to have a reunion in a farmhouse in the forest. Ritwik (Saurabh Saraswat), Rishi (Tanmay Dhanania), Sam (Aditya Bakshi), Tanya (Madhurima Roy), Neha (Anindita Bose) and Ananya (Ishaa M Saha) are close friends during their college days but now separated because of some incidents happened in past. Tanya(Madhurima Roy) is about to get married to her boyfriend Kunal(Sayan Banerjee). They decided to wrap up a bachelor party with her college friends and it is where real tragic incidents begin to happen. And a more thrilling element is the place of occurrence of the incident which is Madhapur jungle in Jharkhand. This place is their place of frequent visits during their college days. The people came happily by the memories of olden days but they have no idea what’s going to happen next. How they got stuck in the forest and what’s the reason behind their hauntings is what the story is about

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The story opens with a brief introduction to each character. Rishi, a rich man whose father owns a farmhouse in Madhapur, Ananya is a quiet girl who has miserable and lonely past because of her Father, sam played the role as a faithful friend to Rishi and also possess special skills on photography, Ritik and Tanya played their role as ex-lovers as they are in a relationship in past while the role of Neha is to hold the entire gang together.

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The characters have been shaped according to their personality. The screenplay is designed in a way the suspense can be opened as soon the elements of its source opens the story. Even while entering forests they face a mysterious accident in the same place as they face a similar accident six years back but the reason for the incident was not found as no traces of animals or vehicles found near their premises. Rishi and Sam(some negatives shades in flashback played as drug-addicts) are the ones who were first begin to doubt about the haunted incidents. A viewer can expect a psych element at the end of each episode which allows you to guess the chain of incidents that may happen in upcoming episodes.

We have predicted this would be an Undercover Violent Mafia thriller as the name of the series suggests. But there is a different reason behind the name Mafia. In the forest, they played a game called Mafia similar to ‘Anthariksha’ in which one has to find an unknown leader, Mafia. This is the reason behind the name Mafia. After six years, they played the same game again. While the game progress, the friends came to know that similar things happening as the same incidents are happening really as someone is behind the killings. The screenplay is set in a non-linear manner as you can find incidents that happened in past and present parallelly.

To increase grip in the screenplay, the director added subplots such as the introduction of a police officer, Maoists attack the story of the housekeeper, and the story of the daughter of a housekeeper. But not only reducing the pace of the plot, these subplots drastically reduced the thrilling buzz created in the opening phase of the series. But all these subplots will end in a point where the viewer can get a clear understanding of the total mess which is happening around. The series contains some adult contents in later episodes of the series and some violence too whenever necessary. Some strange things like car-puncturing, Stephanie missing and burning of bikes of rishi and sam looks childish. But the series ends in an unexpected twist when you came to know the reason behind the killings.

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Director sprinkles some sparks of general issues such as Caste System, Drug Addiction, lack of respect for women in tribal areas. The shots of a group involving fights and arguments because of misunderstanding irritate the viewer sometimes. The performance of Namit Das as a suspicious guest seems mature and convincing and needs to be mentioned. Performances of Madhurima, Tanya, and Nisha are also worth-watching. The background score is well adapted to the story and gets success in creating an atmosphere of thrill.

Bingeopedia feels special treatment may be required to make it more engaging and worth watching.

Verdict: A fresh Script with good handling and unexpected twists. Go watch it……!!!!!

Content Rating: 13+

OTT platform: Zee5

Bingeopedia Rating: 2.75/5

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