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Kappela – Important story with a wonderful message

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

CAST : Anna ben Nayaramba, Sreenath Bhasi , Roshan Mathew,Tanvi ram

Direction : Muhammad Mustafa Language : Malayalam

One liner : A wrong phone call connects Jessy and Vishnu and the duo fall in love .A strange turn of events happen when Roy, a jobless youth come into their lives.

credits : filmcompanion.in

Mollywood is often appreciated for the reality content in their movies. Kappela adds one more feather to the hat. Jessy ,a normal girl tired of studying leads a happy life with the family despite being poor. Her mother is a taylor.One day Jessy’s mother asks her to call her customer Usha, to ask for measurements . Jessy mistakenly types a number wrong and the call connects to Vishnu,an auto driver. After a few phone calls, the two becomes close and eventually fall in love. At the same time,Benny a rich person, comes with a proposal to marry Jessy. Jessy decides to meet Vishnu in person and arrive at a solution. Some unexpected twists changes the pace of the film after that. What happened when they meet is the remaining part.

The first half of the film is cute and romantic but a bit slow. When the film approaches the interval a character named Roy is introduced and the film takes a sudden turn from there.Roy is an aggressive young man involving is some small street fights and searching for a job.Second half completely changes the genre to a fast paced thriller keeping you glued to the seats. Music has been composed by Sushin Shyam. The romantic songs are good and the background score in the second half creates more interest. The film is set in the backdrop of Wayanad,Kannur, Kozhikode and Malappuram. The cinematography work is excellent taking us virtually to the God’s own country. The scene before the end credit shot at the top of the hill was appreciable. Every character has done their job perfectly. Sreenath Bhasi(Roy ) stole the show in the second half with his brilliant acting. Kudos to Anna ben Nayaramba(Jessy) for pulling off the character very well.The fights look natural and does not add too much masala. Muhammad Mustafa(national award-special jury mention for acting in the movie AIN) directorial debut is a success. Movie’s Transformation from melodrama to thriller is natural and enjoyable. The movie creates an impact and will change your perception before judging someone.

VERDICT : A take away lesson for girls with an interesting screenplay. A must watch

Content rating : 13+

Platform : NETFLIX

Bingeopedia rating : 3.25/5

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