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Justice League Synder cut Teaser Reaction

Image source: The Indian Express

The justice league "Synder cut" is expected to get its first big reveal at DC’s FanDome event in August, but the director tweeted out a tease from the upcoming HBO Max special. A 30-second teaser has been released in HBOMAX youtube channel. Let's discuss. The opening shot where Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) was searching for something in the dark in a cave-like setup. She accidentally finds a portrait slowly the light reveals whose portrait it is. It’s none other than Darkseid. Diana was awestruck in seeing the portrait of Darkseid. There are some mythical letters been written at the top and mother boxes is placed in the middle part of his body Depicting his power is lying inside the mother boxes. And the mother boxes are the portal for him to visit earth. The voiceover of Lex Luther ( Jesse Eisenberg) keeps on playing in the background as “The bells already have been rung. And they have heard it. But in the dark among the stars (Whispers) ding dong “The God is Dead”. After the god is a dead piece drum roll and reveals Darkseid in the battlefield magnificently.

This gives a clear picture that Darkseid is there in the cut which is going to be released. The last frame where Darkseid is being revealed on the battlefield indicates that there would be some breathtaking fight sequences with the League. The shock in Diana’s face clearly shows how she’s scared of seeing him. What a cruel monster he would had been. How powerful he is.

Let's wait for Fandome event to get more information about the upcoming DC movies.

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