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Jojo Rabbit(2019): Review- A good War Comedy Drama which will melt your heart.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

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A movie that can be watched with family. Spoiler-free review. A comedy-drama movie which won the Oscars for “The Best-adapted screenplay” in 2019. You may think whether an Oscar-winning film is only the reason for watching this movie hell no you must watch for the message what Taika Waititi Conveyed through this film and narrated the story on the little boy perspective and mainly for the lite hearten feel you will get after watching this movie. Taika Waititi is surely a magician. The entire movie takes place in the second world war period. The story revolves around a little boy named Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis), he has a peculiar imaginary friend who is none other than Adolf Hilter played By Waititi. The boy has a desired to join the German army and serve for Hitler. He goes on a camp (like a scout camp) where all the boys learn to use weapons and Girls learn to treat the wounded and how to raise a baby. Here starts the stereotyping. They are preaching all the young ones to hate Jews. But our director adds his comic metaphors to make us enjoy and think deeply on it. As perfect German Jojo hates Jews for no reason. But on the contrary, his mother (Scarlet Johansson)hides a jew girl (Thomasin Mckenzie) in their house. As the entire country hates Jews and there’s punishment for them who helps them. In the camp, he met with an accident and he missed the opportunity to get served in the army.

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So after his recovery, he’s given duty as a poster boy. Meanwhile, his friend Yorki (Archie Yates) is on the army. Jojo spends some time with his mother and the conversation and scenes between them are so blissful and make you think. The sequence where Scarlet acts as her husband and make Jojo dance is of my favourite scene. When Jojo finds the Jew girl hiding in his house he first tries to kill her. Then he scared of her and in some time they share some good time. He learns some good things about jew. Whether Jojo’s mind will entirely change? What did he do to the Jew girl? There are some sequences which will make you feel for the characters. The hidden gem is the character Yorky you will enjoy him in all the sequence. Scarlett Johansson has given soulful performance for that character. The sequence after the war is over will make you smile and lite hearted. The two-character conversation of Jojo and mother also Jojo and jew girl are simply awesome.

Reasons to watch:: → If you wanna see some different kind of film go for it. → If you are drama lover don’t give a second thought. → If you wanna watch a feel-good film which wants to make you think to go for it. Verdict: Incredible performance by the actors and the comical way of telling the story makes this film. It’s Taika Waititi’s magic, Just go for it.

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Content Rating: 12+

Platform: Disney+ &hotstar Bingepodeia rating: 3.5 / 5

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