Iyobinte pusthakam (Malayalam)--Review

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

The story starts with the narration by a communist which was happened in 1900. Harrison a British businessman comes with his Wife to munnar to cultivate tea. He founds Iyob on his visit to his farm and keeps him as his pet dog to do works. Iyob also very loyal to his Lord. Then Harrison finds Annamma and get married to Iyob and has 3 Sons Dimitri,Ivan and Ivoshy.After few years Harrison's wife leave him returns to England. Later Harrison finds kazhali and gets intrest in her. He finds Thacho relationship with kazhali and orders Iyob to kill thacho. And marries kazhali and she becomes preganant. During First World War Harrison face lose in his business in England, So he decides to leave England to make it right. He gives power of attorney to his loyal servant Iyob.But before setting sail he dies. Hearing this Iyob throws Kazhali out of the house who's pregnant and occupy the Land with his power of attorney. But annamma still used to visit Kazhali's house without Iyob's knowledge. Kazhali gives birth to Martha. Ivoshy and Martha becomes friends. After few days Annamma dies. Dimitri and Ivan raped and hanged a girl who was maid in their house. On seeing this Ivoshy dislike to live in that place and leave Cochi and joins Royal Navy. At the same time Tamilians were cutting timber in the forest was asked to stop the work by Iyob and his Sons. Angoor Rawther who's a wealthy businessman from Tamil Nadu comes to deal this problem and tey to comvince Iyob which resulted in failure. After mutiny he comes back to Munnar to take Martha along with him. One day Iyob finds Ivoshy is itne among mutineer aginst British and ask him leave the house. Iyob decides to settle the properties equally to his three sons. The other two sons didn't like to give property to Ivoshy, joins with Rawther and plans to Murder Ivoshy. Whether Dimmitri and Ivan killed Ivoshy? Who helped Ivoshy? What happened between Dimmitri and Ivan? What happened to Martha? Whether Ivoshy took Revenge and his brother and Rawther has said in the rest of the story.

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