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It's DADA'S Birthday-- The Saviour of Indian Cricket team and Epitome of Aggression.

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One Fine evening at Xavier’s, the sun along with the students are ready to go home, we could see a young kid trying to hit the L in the Goal Post, and we could see the Determination and power in the Eyes(Legs too!!) The Badshah of Indian cricket’s Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, in his early adolescence, was a Footballer, but as the story goes his mother doesn’t want his Sports interests interfering with his Academia, and after a Point, following his brother, he enrolled for the Cricket Team and the Rest is History!!.

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When the 1997-2000 Betting scandal-hit Indian team, the feeling among Indian nationals is that they have been back stabbed by their Own, like Maria Cotillard(Talia al Ghul Betraying Batman in Dark Knight rises) or Neil Nithin Mukesh betraying Dharmendra In Johnny Gaddaar.

Dada among criticisms took over the captaincy after Sachin has stepped down from the reign. oh Boy!! He then becomes the magic potion to the success, where they stopped the mighty Aussies to take a 2-1 Victory, with memory of Dravid pumping his fists in the air still intact in the minds of millions of Indians.

Ganguly’s Mantra "Never ever Give up or Back Down" gave the team a Boost like the Climax of Lagaan

An able batsman and a useful Bowler, a proven Talisman who is considered as the god of Offside for his abilities to Cut and drive with ease like Ilayaraja’s music, his captaincy speaks miles as the captain with the highest overseas win. He is now the chairman of BCCI Continuing his service for Indian cricket.

Ganguly’s True strength was like he had a Spider-sense (spiderman) where he believed in his and other players instincts and acted as a stepping stone for success stories of Zaheer, Harbhajan, Yuvraj and Sehwag

India played the semifinal against Kenya, when I was 9 years old, the same Evening where we guys played cricket and were in awe about my elder brother hitting sixes with ease and until then the only fact I remember about Ganguly was his shirt celebration in Lords and the night (Semifinal). Ganguly walks down the Pitch hitting it over the square leg for a maximum and hitting a maximum for his century, where helicopters may be the trend for today, but its Dada Whose Elegant Lofted drive will fly like Superman in those Days(Maybe for now.) And that day gave me hope and inspired one of the many millions of fans.

If doctor strange is Real, I could give anything for the time stone to visit the Mind-Blowing NatWest series finale, at the end, since it is not there we can check out this brilliant Documentary narrated by Amitabh Bachchan.

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