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How to sell drugs online fast season 2 review: A Bingeworthy Teen drama.

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Cast: Maximilan Mundt, Danielo Kamber, Lena Klenke, Damian Hardung.

Creator: Sebastian Colley, Phillip Käßbohrer, Stefan Titze.

Directors: Arne Fredhulsen, Lars Montag

This series another fine accomplishment of Netflix in the German language after the recent sensation Dark. This season opens up with the trio Moritz, Lenny and Daniel are celebrating their first Million income From MYDrugs.to (The website they used to sell the drugs). Moritz speaking about work-life balance ( As he and Lisa got together)and saying they must keep a low profile. They were also discussing that they must quit the deal with Good Times team (They dutch people who supply drugs to them). But Moritz doesn’t want to quit as he likes money and the power of CEO. He changed into a person who likes power and to dominant over other people from a caring person. So he pitches a new plan for expansion to the Dutch gang and fools his friends with some half baked lie. Moritz is literally playing under.

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All are having some emotional hit in their personal life. Lenny finally gets to meet the discord girl (Xkira7) and they fall in love. She turns out to be a hacker with a no carbon trace for the past. Moritz and Liza having a great time. Lisa moves in with Moritz because of some family issue this hinders their logistic department as they are using Moritz room as a warehouse. Daniel, on the other hand, trying to prove himself to his father.

Moritz slowly grows the complexion that he’s the boss he’s above them all. He also dislikes Dan involvement in the website and he constantly ignores hi ideas. He is like Mark Zuckerberg in David Fincher’s The Social Network movie. Because of this obsession, it gets them into a lot of trouble. At a certain point, it breaks up the team. Moritz gets easily manipulated by the Dutches and makes wrong and drastic decisions,

The character of Moritz takes a high road in this season and he is depicted as a minimalistic version of transformed Walter White. The emotional struggle which he’s going through was depicted very well. There’s a situation where he needs to choose between business and his love. The way the creators handled so so good. Even though Mortiz has a good character arc Lenny stole the show for me. A crippled person with inferiority complex how he get’s a girlfriend how he gains confidence was depicted well by Danilo Kamber. The way he beliefs every one who’s very close to him and how he will love them unconditionally was awesome. The dilemma which he wants to choose his friend or girlfriend was awesome.

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All the character have a new path to evolve in this series. There are several interventions of the Alabama gang and the Dutch Gang throughout the series. Which makes this season more interesting. This season is a perfect mix of emotions and thrill.

As like the first season I really like the Camera work and VFX works. There are tiny VFX in a certain place which is truly loved. Music was one of the major reason for carrying the suspense aroma in the scene. The background score is very good.

This series will engage you very well. Leaving the finale episode other 5 episodes are so good. The finale episode has some bumps as they are planing for the season. And we are expecting more in the next season. AS there gonna be a faceoff. If you ignore that bumps this one is the perfect content to binge-watch.

The Bingeopedia will highly recommend this because of its uniqueness from other teen drama. If you really liked End of the F****ng world and I’m not okay with this etc this one is for you.

Verdict: The perfect second season for a tv show which is highly recommended by us.

Content rating:18+

Available on: Netflix.

Bingeopedia rating: 3. 5 / 5

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