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How to sell drugs online(fast) Season 1-- Review

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How to sell drug online fast a german Netflix Original which is slightly like a Breaking Bad genre but the difference is they are selling online :). The show is about how a heartbroken teen nerd becomes an online drug lord (yeah We can say like that) with the help of his friend Lenny. The story opens up with Moritz Zimmerman (Maxmillian Mundt) waiting for his girlfriend to return from the USA so he can get along with her but Lisa (Lena Klenke)breaks up with him after landing. So Moritz tries to log in to Lisa’s social media account to find the reason and comes to a conclusion that she likes drugs. Lisa now likes Daniel (Damian Hardung) yeah the alpha male of the campus. So Moritz with the help of his friend Lenny (Danilo Kamber) tries to purchase some ecstasy so Moritz can patch up with Lisa. Moritz plans fail miserably and in order to return the team money, Moritz tries to figure out a way to sell the drugs but how can he do having a Cop in the same roof you’re right that’s his dad. But a tech mastermind Like Lenny came as his saviour they start their venture in and around Europe in the dark web.

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Whether Successfully sold the drugs? Did the drug peddler catch them? Did Moritz cop father found this venture? You can learn a lot about drugs and it’s behaviour. The opening sequence is like an interview session for the yearbook which we would have seen in many Hollywood movies like Van wilder. The mimicking the Netflix theme and placing a skip intro in explaining about MDMA drug is quite different. There’s a lot of voice over to explain the scene and the character’s history, slowly it starts to irritate. But if you skip that having a Cop in the same roof and selling the drugs at his back will surely remind us about breaking bad and it’s intriguing. The psychedelic and game arcade backgrounds in some scenes worked good. The writing was good. In the course of episodes, you will start doubting the character of Mortiz. The cliffhanger at the end was good and has increased our expectation for the next season. This one is not a long series so you don’t need a weekend to binge it. It’s just a six-episode season and each one is just 30 min on average. You can hit it whenever you want.

Verdict: Easily binge-able content with a sufficient amount of teen drama and twist which won't fail to impress you. Available: Netflix Content rating: 16+

Bingeopedia rating: 2.75 / 5

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