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HBO max - what's all the hype about?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

HBO new streaming platform, HBOmax is now online. So, how does it differ from the studio's other platform, HBOnow? This new site feels more premium and looks like it's ready to take on Netflix's domination in streaming. Because, in the traditional TV market HBO is a really heavy hitter. When you think of TV's biggest names, invariably HBO's name is right up there. Game of thrones, Chernobyl, Westworld, and the list goes on and on. When it comes to the content available, HBO is really in the cream of the crop along with Netflix. But where HBO was lacking was in the sort of intuitive feel and the user friendly interface of Netflix. Which is where HBOmax comes into play.

Image credits: HBO

According to this interview given by HBOmax's Sarah Lyons to the verge, HBOmax's content is curated according to each users individual presence not by algorithms, but by human minds. So, it will be much more personal than Netflix algorithm curated tv shows, which sometimes makes you watch repeated series of the same genre, just because you liked one series from a particular genre (come on dude, it's not like I hate other genres, show me that too). Well, but hold your horses, HBOmax is not available everywhere yet. Right now, it is available only in the US, but it will be interesting to see how it disrupts the market, which has already started with HBOmax's announcement of the fabled snydercut™ (which you can read about here). Bingelovers will be wetting their lips in anticipation..

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